How can we tell if the bedliner failed or the paint failed?

It's not uncommon that people ask how we can tell if something is a warranty issue or a negligence issue.  To understand how you first need to understand the process.  In order to ensure the best adhesion we need to start by cleaning the bed with a degreaser.  This ensures that we don't impregnate [...]

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Can you repair my bedliner?

We can repair any bedliner issue you may have. We have extensive experience in repairing every imaginable possibility. Below is an example of a truck that originally had not one but two of our competitors beds in it.  The first bedliner failed, the previous owner then brought it to another company to have it done [...]

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Can LINE-X be removed?

Were often asked if LINE-X can be removed.  It can be removed but it wont look good and takes about 8 hours.  This image shows a bedliner sprayed with LINE-X that had extensive damage from years of abuse.  The customer wanted it to look new again so we stripped it and resprayed it.  [...]

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What do you do with the bedside rails?

It all depends on the year of your truck, you either have a metal bedside rail (older trucks) or you have plastic caps (newer trucks). With the increased demand for vehicles to have better fuel economy, automotive manufactures continue to make automobiles using thinner and lighter materials.  One of the drawbacks of doing this [...]

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