Does LINE-X have a Lifetime Warranty?

LINE-X has a Lifetime Warranty when applied to truck bed.  Anything other than a truck has a One Year Warranty with the exception of mobile jobs which can have up to 5 and 10 years Warranties.  This is not to say that LINE-X won't last a lifetime, the reality is we spray nearly everything [...]

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What do I need to do to maintain LINE-X?

A simple walk though of your local auto parts store will introduce you to any number of cleaners, waxes, and sprays that shine.  Even LINE-X over the years have offered different products to help keep your bedliner looking good.  What we have found to work best is soap and water. Cleaning your bedliner when it's [...]

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Can LINE-X be removed?

Were often asked if LINE-X can be removed.  It can be removed but it wont look good and takes about 8 hours.  This image shows a bedliner sprayed with LINE-X that had extensive damage from years of abuse.  The customer wanted it to look new again so we stripped it and resprayed it.  [...]

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