Can you repair my bedliner?

We can repair any bedliner issue you may have. We have extensive experience in repairing every imaginable possibility. Below is an example of a truck that originally had not one but two of our competitors beds in it.  The first bedliner failed, the previous owner then brought it to another company to have it done [...]

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Why is it important that LINE-X is a franchise?

Simply put, the Franchise Model ensures that the bedliner you have installed in El Cajon is completed to the same standards LINE-X Corporate has established in Huntsville, Alabama.  These standards in quality, material and workmanship ensure that you get what you are paying for regardless of where you make your purchase and that you [...]

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Do you remove the hardware in the bed of the truck? (Need Pictures of Spray Over Hardware)

Yes, we remove all of your hardware to include bed-bolts if you have them.  We take pride in making your project look it's best, in order to do this we have to remove your hardware.  In the end your bed will look like it was sprayed on the production line but unlike factory spray in [...]

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Can LINE-X be removed?

Were often asked if LINE-X can be removed.  It can be removed but it wont look good and takes about 8 hours.  This image shows a bedliner sprayed with LINE-X that had extensive damage from years of abuse.  The customer wanted it to look new again so we stripped it and resprayed it.  [...]

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A competitor claims their product includes UV Resistance so it’s better than LINE-X, what gives?

This is deceptive advertising by unscrupulous or uneducated business' who simply sell a product to make a dollar.  There are two types of polyurea coatings, aliphatic and aromatic.  A true aliphatic coating is U.V. Stable (See Premium, Ultra, and XS-650) a true aromatic coating is not (See XS-100 and XS-350).  An aromatic coating can [...]

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What makes LINE-X the industry leader?

LINE-X is the largest automotive aftermarket retail franchise in North America. LINE-X is the only company in the industry with dedicated full-time research and development staff. This means that our product is consistently being improved as new formulations and chemicals become available. All of our competitors have to rely on outside companies to develop, [...]

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