How can we tell if the bedliner failed or the paint failed?

It's not uncommon that people ask how we can tell if something is a warranty issue or a negligence issue.  To understand how you first need to understand the process.  In order to ensure the best adhesion we need to start by cleaning the bed with a degreaser.  This ensures that we don't impregnate [...]

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Can LINE-X be used as an undercoating?

LINE-X is an excellent solution for adding a permanent undercoating to you car or truck.  The only drawback is we can't apply it unless your vehicle body is on a rotisserie.  The reason being is the way LINE-X is applied it relies on gravity for the texture coat.   Further,  assembled vehicles have exhaust, wires, [...]

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Do you offer color LINE-X?

If you are looking for something truly unique or you want to minimize the look of having a texture bedliner material sprayed in your project, color is a great option.  There are a few different techniques for applying colored LINE-X. To start colored LINE-X is a two step process.  Step #1 is to apply [...]

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What do I need to do to maintain LINE-X?

A simple walk though of your local auto parts store will introduce you to any number of cleaners, waxes, and sprays that shine.  Even LINE-X over the years have offered different products to help keep your bedliner looking good.  What we have found to work best is soap and water. Cleaning your bedliner when it's [...]

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Can LINE-X be removed?

Were often asked if LINE-X can be removed.  It can be removed but it wont look good and takes about 8 hours.  This image shows a bedliner sprayed with LINE-X that had extensive damage from years of abuse.  The customer wanted it to look new again so we stripped it and resprayed it.  [...]

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Is LINE-X environmentally friendly?

LINE-X has always been as environmentally friendly as possible but within the past 20 years the company has put extra emphasis on this. Our product does not produce any volatile organic compounds (VOC) or chlorofluorocarbons(CFCs) that can damage the environment or the ozone.  The materials used in the bedliner are natural, biodegradable and non-toxic. [...]

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Will LINE-X cover the drain holes in the bed?

Simple Answer: NoOne of the benefits of LINE-X is it's fast dry time.  This is beneficial not only for consistent thickness but for ensuring that the holes don't fill in.  It also help when we have technicians who have been doing this for 16+ years.  On the other hand, when you need a dent, seem [...]

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What are some of the other applications for LINE-X?

Boats Secondary Containment Areas Tool Handles Trailers Hand Railings Fixtures UTV's Automotive Accessories Fire Trucks ATV's Full Vehicles Military Vehicles Military Equipment Foam Sculptures Telecommunications Equipment Work Trucks Coolers Concrete Police Vehicles Van Interriors Cargo Holds Amusement Park Rides Ballistic Plates

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