Frequently Asked Questions

What makes LINE-X the industry leader?2019-11-25T16:23:54-08:00
  • LINE-X is the largest automotive aftermarket retail franchise in North America.
  • LINE-X is the only company in the industry with dedicated full-time research and development staff. This means that our product is consistently being improved as new formulations and chemicals become available. All of our competitors have to rely on outside companies to develop, modify and improve their products. They typically do this after LINE-X introduces a new product to market.
  • LINE-X created the first successful, high-temperature, high pressure elastomeric bedliner.
  • LINE-X created the first commercially available pure polyurea’s.
  • LINE-X created the first spray-on blast-mitigation coating, tested by the Army Corps of Engineers and the Airforce research academy. This product was installed in both the Pentagon and White House following the September 2001 Terrorist attacks.
  • LINE-X was the first to apply a non-skid polurea on a U.S. Navy Submarine.
  • LINE-X is the first spray-on product to meet the MSHA requirements for flame resistant solid products in mining applications and sealants.
  • LINE-X has well over 500 Franchises Worldwide.
How long does it take to install LINE-X?2020-02-05T15:57:00-08:00

When calling to make an appointment, plan on making an appointment 24 to 48  hours in advance. Sometimes we can get you in the same day but please don’t count on it.  When we book your appointment we plan on having your truck for 4 hours.  With over 24 years of experience, we can normally get a truck done in 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

LINE-X dries immediately so you can use the truck the same day if you choose Standard LINE-X.  If you choose to go with our Premium UV Stable 100% Aliphatic topcoat then we request you give your truck 24 hours for the Premium to fully cure.

If you will be staying with us while you wait we do have a waiting room with Coffee, Water, WiFi and Amazon Prime TV.

What do you do with the Ford tie-down screw holes on the newer Fords?2020-09-02T13:34:07-07:00

If you have one of the newer Fords with the key-locked tie-down plates inside the bed, let us explain how this system works.  From the factory each tie down plate has four aluminum nut-serts installed from the factory “unthreaded”.   Thee aluminum nut-serts don’t have threads cut into them until the plate is installed the first time. If a customer brings us a Ford without the tie-down kit, we normally DO NOT CONE the nut-serts as it looks cleaner, on rare occasions we will have a customer who may someday get the factory tie-down kit ask us to cone the holes, which we will but it’ really does not need it.

Customers still can easily drive a screw thru the indent in the LINE-X at a latter date, thus cutting the threads into the aluminum nut-sert.  If a Ford owner brings us a truck which already has the tie-downs installed, we will remove them and place a paper cone (See Image #2) in the hole which allows the screw to be re-thread onto the previously threaded nut-sert.






How can we tell if the bedliner failed or the paint failed?2020-06-17T12:53:54-07:00

It’s not uncommon that people ask how we can tell if something is a warranty issue or a negligence issue.  To understand how you first need to understand the process.  In order to ensure the best adhesion we need to start by cleaning the bed with a degreaser.  This ensures that we don’t impregnate the paint with a foreign substance leading to problems down the road.  Next assuming the paint is in good condition we will etch the paint using sand paper, a wire cup brush or an orbital sander.  The etching gives the LINE-X a mechanical profile to ensure proper adhesion.  Following the sanding we will degrease the bed one more time to remove any dust and ensure there is no chemical residue on the bed.

When you look at the bottom side of the paint sample you can see whether proper preparations were completed or not.  In the photo you can see “Blue” arrows which are pointing at the scratches left in the bottom of the sample.  These scratches indicate that whoever on our team prepped this bed did the job correctly.  Next,  you can see by the “Red” arrows the dark silver paint from the vehicle which separated from the factory primer and remains stuck to the LINE-X.  This happened because of the adhesion between the LINE-X and the paint could not be broke.  Finally you can see the “Green” Arrow which displays where the primer itself separated from the truck and stuck to the paint which is stuck to the LINE-X.  This is not a failure of the LINE-X this is damage from negligence or abuse.

Fear not!  We fix repairs like this on all of our bedliners for free so long as it is within reason. On the other hand, if you drag a pallet off your truck andthe nails rip the length of your bed, we would have to charge to repair it.  LINE-X is strong but it’s not indestructible.

Can LINE-X be used as an undercoating?2019-11-27T10:28:40-08:00

LINE-X is an excellent solution for adding a permanent undercoating to you car or truck.  The only drawback is we can’t apply it unless your vehicle body is on a rotisserie.  The reason being is the way LINE-X is applied it relies on gravity for the texture coat.   Further,  assembled vehicles have exhaust, wires, cabling, brackets, and components which if coated with LINE-X would make it impossible to remove and replace.

Can you repair my bedliner?2019-11-27T10:36:21-08:00

We can repair any bedliner issue you may have. We have extensive experience in repairing every imaginable possibility. Below is an example of a truck that originally had not one but two of our competitors beds in it.  The first bedliner failed, the previous owner then brought it to another company to have it done right.  The second bedliner company simply went over the original failing bedliner.  Naturally in time that failed as well.  In the end the owner sold it to our costumer who requested that we strip it all out and do it right.  We stripped both coatings and as you can see in the picture, the customer was more than happy!





Why is it important that LINE-X is a franchise?2019-11-27T10:43:47-08:00

Simply put, the Franchise Model ensures that the bedliner you have installed in El Cajon is completed to the same standards LINE-X Corporate has established in Huntsville, Alabama.  These standards in quality, material and workmanship ensure that you get what you are paying for regardless of where you make your purchase and that you can be serviced at any  of our over 500+ dealers worldwide.

If a LINE-X Franchise is identified as not maintaining the standard’s established, the business will lose it’s license, although this is uncommon and unfortunate it does occur.  This ensures a quality product no mater where or when you make your purchase.

LINE-X has an initial buy in, this keeps the fly-by-night shops from damaging the brand, another important factor when you’re looking to sell your truck and want to be able to advertise you have the best bedliner on the market installed.  LINE-X does not pay a percentage of sales to a corporate office, we are only required to purchase our materials from LINE-X.

So you have to ask yourself, what are the benefits of the un-franchised bedliner store?  There’s lots of benefits, the only thing is they all benefit the business not the consumer.  Sure, they will claim that this model is better because they are cheaper!  Well if you call around San Diego you will find that all the shops that spray a legitimate bedliner have similar prices which are all within $10 to $25 dollars.  So if you find someone a few dollars cheaper, what are you gaining other than saving a few dollars? Nothing!  What are you losing?

  • The confidence that you are getting what you paid for based on an established and enforceable standards.
  • The confidence that when you comeback in five, ten, or twenty-five years the business will still be there and stand behind their work.
  • The confidence that if you go to another dealer to have warranty work completed, they don’t turn you away. (Look Here)
  • The confidence that the chemical you paid for is in fact the brand name product, like medicine there are generic formulas available.

Vehicles are often the second most expensive purchase next to a home, why would you give up so much to save so little?

Do you offer color LINE-X?2020-02-05T16:02:20-08:00

If you are looking for something truly unique or you want to minimize the look of having a texture bedliner material sprayed in your project, color is a great option.  There are a few different techniques for applying colored LINE-X. To start colored LINE-X is a two step process.  Step #1 is to apply the LINE-X Basecoat which is and aromatic product (See UV FAQ) .  Step #2 is the topcoat color which is a single stage automotive paint.  The automotive paint bonds with the LINE-X at the molecular level so it becomes one unit.  The automotive topcoat is UV stable much like you automotive paint.

Does LINE-X have a Lifetime Warranty?2019-11-27T15:02:01-08:00

LINE-X has a Lifetime Warranty when applied to truck bed.  Anything other than a truck has a One Year Warranty with the exception of mobile jobs which can have up to 5 and 10 years Warranties.  This is not to say that LINE-X won’t last a lifetime, the reality is we spray nearly everything and anything.  Not everything will last a lifetime such as the toes of work boots, nor can we categorize every possible substrate we spray into different levels of warranties.  Have a look at “our Solutions Page” to see samples of what we have coated.  We do offer a Lifetime Warranty on our Truck Gear by LINE-X Accessories.

Truck Gear by LINE-X is our exclusive line of truck accessories.  With the exception of a few items like our Jump Starter Kit almost everything has a Lifetime Warranty which is an industry first.  From Tonneau Covers to Floor Mats we have a fair offering with more items being added all the time.  There are few manufactures who will stand behind there accessories like LINE-X, have a look at buytruckgearonline.com.

What do I need to do to maintain LINE-X?2019-11-27T15:10:08-08:00

A simple walk though of your local auto parts store will introduce you to any number of cleaners, waxes, and sprays that shine.  Even LINE-X over the years have offered different products to help keep your bedliner looking good.  What we have found to work best is soap and water.

Cleaning your bedliner when it’s dirty with soap and water is truly the best thing you can do.  Avoiding car washes will help prevent the chalky/fading look.  Car washes tend to end their cycles with some form of spray wax.  These waxes contain silicon which over time can build up and turn into a grey haze.  If you find this has happened to your truck you can use a small stainless steel soft bristle brush with water.  Making tiny circles you will wash away these silicons without damaging your bed.

Finally, if you want to keep your bedliner looking shiny and new we recommend you have our Premium product applied when you first get your bedliner installed.  Besides making the bed look shiny Premium fills in the micro-pores in the LINE-X which makes the bed a little easier to wash out as well as having the UV protection.

If you like the flat black look then forgo the Premium and simply wash the bed when it gets dirty.

Do you remove the hardware in the bed of the truck? (Need Pictures of Spray Over Hardware)2019-11-29T10:30:14-08:00

Yes, we remove all of your hardware to include bed-bolts if you have them.  We take pride in making your project look it’s best, in order to do this we have to remove your hardware.  In the end your bed will look like it was sprayed on the production line but unlike factory spray in bedliners, we do the job right!

We take the finish of your truck so seriously we have invested in special tools to help remove rusted bolts in the event you have an older truck.  We also provide additional services for a small fee to restore bed-bolts to like new condition, we can primer and paint them, powder coat them or even LINE-X them individually.  There is a reason we are the best at what we do, we take the time to do the job right, we pay attention to detail and we offer more services than anyone else.

Bed bolts after sandblasting away the rust.

Bed bolts after applying LINE-X.

Is LINE-X environmentally friendly?2019-11-29T13:32:36-08:00

LINE-X has always been as environmentally friendly as possible but within the past 20 years the company has put extra emphasis on this. Our product does not produce any volatile organic compounds (VOC) or chlorofluorocarbons(CFCs) that can damage the environment or the ozone.  The materials used in the bedliner are natural, biodegradable and non-toxic. The formula is also non-flammable and non-combustible. It is OSHA approved and meets all government regulatory guidelines.

What are VOCs?

VOCs are emitted in a gaseous form from solids or liquids. Exposure to VOCs can have severe negative health effects. Examples include paints and paint thinner, glues and adhesives, copy machines and printers, pesticides and more commonly cigarettes. For some exposure to VOCs can lead to dizziness or nausea but it can be worse with prolonged exposure like damage to the nervous system or cancer.

What are CFCs?

CFCs are chemicals containing atoms of carbon, chlorine and fluorine. They are typically found with use in aerosol cans, packing materials, solvents or refrigerants. CFCs are inert in the lower atmosphere but can cause damage to the ozone layer. CFCs were commonly found from the 1930s to the 1980s in use as refrigerants, bug sprays, paints and hair sprays but when a hole was discovered in the ozone layer in the 1980s CFCs came under the microscope and substitutes began to be developed.

What else makes LINE-X environmentally friendly?

Even the application of LINE-X is as environmentally friendly as possible. Vehicles are sprayed in a professional booth which is well ventilated using particulate filters. Our employees wear appropriate gear to sand a truck and use a breathing system when spraying. Any leftover material is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner giving you not only the best bedliner on the market but also the greenest!

Not only is LINE-X environmentally friendly, LINE-X is FDA Approved so it’s even safe to be used around food and drink.

Can LINE-X be removed?2019-12-02T10:36:30-08:00

Were often asked if LINE-X can be removed.  It can be removed but it wont look good and takes about 8 hours.  This image shows a bedliner sprayed with LINE-X that had extensive damage from years of abuse.  The customer wanted it to look new again so we stripped it and resprayed it.  Regardless of what we are coating, our process and attention to detail ensures the strongest adhesion for the best durability.  If the day comes that you need to remove it for any reason it’s possible but difficult.

Will LINE-X cover the drain holes in the bed?2019-11-29T10:45:07-08:00

Simple Answer: No

One of the benefits of LINE-X is it’s fast dry time.  This is beneficial not only for consistent thickness but for ensuring that the holes don’t fill in.  It also help when we have technicians who have been doing this for 16+ years.  On the other hand, when you need a dent, seem or hole to be deleted we can make them disappear.

What do you do with the bedside rails?2019-12-05T11:06:24-08:00

It all depends on the year of your truck, you either have a metal bedside rail (older trucks) or you have plastic caps (newer trucks).

With the increased demand for vehicles to have better fuel economy, automotive manufactures continue to make automobiles using thinner and lighter materials.  One of the drawbacks of doing this is the loss of durability.  In order to compensate for this automobile manufactures are adding corrugation to top of the rail which gives it structural integrity, this however looks unsightly.  So in order to cover up the structural corrugation under the rail, they top it off with a replaceable plastic rail caps which cost approximately $250 for a 3-piece set.

The rail caps  have plastic clips cast into them which when removed tend to break.  This will lead to the cap lifting up slightly.  Although it’s uncommon, we have had customers request that we spray under the caps as seen in the photo below.  Normally this is done because the customer intends on leaning items against the bed and they want the paint protected.  Older trucks on the other hand don’t have this issue as they have solid metal bedsides.

Most of our customers who bring us older trucks have us spray over the rail.  This not only protects the bedside top but can hide previous damage.  Our technicians take the time to do this right, we ensure that your rail line is perfectly straight and level.

How much does LINE-X cost?2023-01-04T08:28:40-08:00

Our current prices are on the Homepage.

Do you sell truck accessories?2019-09-24T12:27:01-07:00

Whether it’s a new or used truck, the first step in creating a tough, envy-causing truck is installing a LINE-X bedliner. Color, toughness, over the rail — that’s all up to you.

Second, add a set of step bars or running boards for convenience (and the kids).

Third, protect your interior cab with all-terrain floor liners. Getting them dirty is the fun part.

Fourth, having a truck means having ample room to haul what you need. Opting for a high-quality, dependable tonneau cover will ensure whatever you carry stays secure.

From there, the sky is the limit. But no matter what you choose to add next, your local LINE-X expert can order and install the parts for you. LINE-X shops have access to the top accessory brands on the market. Contact LINE-X to get started today.

A competitor claims their product includes UV Resistance so it’s better than LINE-X, what gives?2019-11-24T10:43:03-08:00

This is deceptive advertising by unscrupulous or uneducated business’ who simply sell a product to make a dollar.  There are two types of polyurea coatings, aliphatic and aromatic.  A true aliphatic coating is U.V. Stable (See Premium, Ultra, and XS-650) a true aromatic coating is not (See XS-100 and XS-350).  An aromatic coating can have aliphatic properties which will increase the UV characteristics but it doesn’t make it a true UV stable product.  This is why LINE-X offers LINE-X Premium for an additional charge which is a true 100% aliphatic topcoat which is 100% UV stable.

Labels of of UV Stable and UV Resistance in coating products can be deceptive.  Although a number of aliphatic systems are truly 100% aliphatic, there are too many aliphatic products out there that are in fact, blends of aliphatic and aromatic. Some producers will make a blend that is only 51% aliphatic and 49% aromatic and still claim it is an aliphatic product like our competitors.  Today nearly every spray-on bedliner company has some amount of aliphatic properties in their formulas, the difference is that not everyone tries to use that as a marketing tool, only the ones that are unscrupulous or uneducated.

Educate yourself. When purchasing an aliphatic system, ask the bedliner store about the percent of aliphatic materials in their product. Read the product’s Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). An aliphatic polyurea coating will contain only IPDI and/or HDI isocyanate (Side A) component.  An aromatic polyurea coating uses MDI or TDI isocyanate. Since MDI and TDI are not UV-stable, you should not find either of these components in a truly aliphatic product.

Some of the competitors will try to tell you their product is the new and improved LINE-X which is UV Stable or has “UV Resistance” included.  Again these business’ are in it to make a buck and really have no idea what an aliphatic and aromatic is or what the difference is.  Their core business is selling anything to make a buck, whereas our business is coatings first and foremost.  Educate yourself and ask the tough questions before paying $500 for something that isn’t what it claims to be.  You may also want to ask if fading on their product is covered under warranty and in writing!

Can you still spray a bedliner when it’s raining?2019-12-23T10:04:14-08:00

Yes we can!

The rain slows us down a few minutes but we build a that into the time when you book(ed) your appointment.  Also, since out product dries 2-5 seconds after it’s applied, it’s impervious to the rain so you can drive it home immediately.  The only exception to this is if we apply our Premium topcoat, we add +1 additional hour for drying.

What are some of the other applications for LINE-X?2019-11-23T14:08:15-08:00

Boats Secondary Containment Areas Tool Handles
Trailers Hand Railings Fixtures
UTV’s Automotive Accessories Fire Trucks
ATV’s Full Vehicles Military Vehicles
Military Equipment Foam Sculptures Telecommunications Equipment
Work Trucks Coolers Concrete
Police Vehicles Van Interriors Cargo Holds
Amusement Park Rides Ballistic Plates

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