Simply put, the Franchise Model ensures that the bedliner you have installed in El Cajon is completed to the same standards LINE-X Corporate has established in Huntsville, Alabama.  These standards in quality, material and workmanship ensure that you get what you are paying for regardless of where you make your purchase and that you can be serviced at any  of our over 500+ dealers worldwide.

If a LINE-X Franchise is identified as not maintaining the standard’s established, the business will lose it’s license, although this is uncommon and unfortunate it does occur.  This ensures a quality product no mater where or when you make your purchase.

LINE-X has an initial buy in, this keeps the fly-by-night shops from damaging the brand, another important factor when you’re looking to sell your truck and want to be able to advertise you have the best bedliner on the market installed.  LINE-X does not pay a percentage of sales to a corporate office, we are only required to purchase our materials from LINE-X.

So you have to ask yourself, what are the benefits of the un-franchised bedliner store?  There’s lots of benefits, the only thing is they all benefit the business not the consumer.  Sure, they will claim that this model is better because they are cheaper!  Well if you call around San Diego you will find that all the shops that spray a legitimate bedliner have similar prices which are all within $10 to $25 dollars.  So if you find someone a few dollars cheaper, what are you gaining other than saving a few dollars? Nothing!  What are you losing?

  • The confidence that you are getting what you paid for based on an established and enforceable standards.
  • The confidence that when you comeback in five, ten, or twenty-five years the business will still be there and stand behind their work.
  • The confidence that if you go to another dealer to have warranty work completed, they don’t turn you away. (Look Here)
  • The confidence that the chemical you paid for is in fact the brand name product, like medicine there are generic formulas available.

Vehicles are often the second most expensive purchase next to a home, why would you give up so much to save so little?