LINE-X has a Lifetime Warranty when applied to truck bed.  Anything other than a truck has a One Year Warranty with the exception of mobile jobs which can have up to 5 and 10 years Warranties.  This is not to say that LINE-X won’t last a lifetime, the reality is we spray nearly everything and anything.  Not everything will last a lifetime such as the toes of work boots, nor can we categorize every possible substrate we spray into different levels of warranties.  Have a look at “our Solutions Page” to see samples of what we have coated.  We do offer a Lifetime Warranty on our Truck Gear by LINE-X Accessories.

Truck Gear by LINE-X is our exclusive line of truck accessories.  With the exception of a few items like our Jump Starter Kit almost everything has a Lifetime Warranty which is an industry first.  From Tonneau Covers to Floor Mats we have a fair offering with more items being added all the time.  There are few manufactures who will stand behind there accessories like LINE-X, have a look at