If you have one of the newer Fords with the key-locked tie-down plates inside the bed, let us explain how this system works.  From the factory each tie down plate has four aluminum nut-serts installed from the factory “unthreaded”.   Thee aluminum nut-serts don’t have threads cut into them until the plate is installed the first time. If a customer brings us a Ford without the tie-down kit, we normally DO NOT CONE the nut-serts as it looks cleaner, on rare occasions we will have a customer who may someday get the factory tie-down kit ask us to cone the holes, which we will but it’ really does not need it.

Customers still can easily drive a screw thru the indent in the LINE-X at a latter date, thus cutting the threads into the aluminum nut-sert.  If a Ford owner brings us a truck which already has the tie-downs installed, we will remove them and place a paper cone (See Image #2) in the hole which allows the screw to be re-thread onto the previously threaded nut-sert.