Yes, we remove all of your hardware to include bed-bolts if you have them.  We take pride in making your project look it’s best, in order to do this we have to remove your hardware.  In the end your bed will look like it was sprayed on the production line but unlike factory spray in bedliners, we do the job right!

We take the finish of your truck so seriously we have invested in special tools to help remove rusted bolts in the event you have an older truck.  We also provide additional services for a small fee to restore bed-bolts to like new condition, we can primer and paint them, powder coat them or even LINE-X them individually.  There is a reason we are the best at what we do, we take the time to do the job right, we pay attention to detail and we offer more services than anyone else.

Bed bolts after sandblasting away the rust.

Bed bolts after applying LINE-X.