What do you do with the Ford tie-down screw holes on the newer Fords?

If you have one of the newer Fords with the key-locked tie-down plates inside the bed, let us explain how this system works.  From the factory each tie down plate has four aluminum nut-serts installed from the factory "unthreaded".   Thee aluminum nut-serts don't have threads cut into them until the plate is installed [...]

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How can we tell if the bedliner failed or the paint failed?

It's not uncommon that people ask how we can tell if something is a warranty issue or a negligence issue.  To understand how you first need to understand the process.  In order to ensure the best adhesion we need to start by cleaning the bed with a degreaser.  This ensures that we don't impregnate [...]

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Can LINE-X be used as an undercoating?

LINE-X is an excellent solution for adding a permanent undercoating to you car or truck.  The only drawback is we can't apply it unless your vehicle body is on a rotisserie.  The reason being is the way LINE-X is applied it relies on gravity for the texture coat.   Further,  assembled vehicles have exhaust, wires, [...]

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Can you repair my bedliner?

We can repair any bedliner issue you may have. We have extensive experience in repairing every imaginable possibility. Below is an example of a truck that originally had not one but two of our competitors beds in it.  The first bedliner failed, the previous owner then brought it to another company to have it done [...]

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Why is it important that LINE-X is a franchise?

Simply put, the Franchise Model ensures that the bedliner you have installed in El Cajon is completed to the same standards LINE-X Corporate has established in Huntsville, Alabama.  These standards in quality, material and workmanship ensure that you get what you are paying for regardless of where you make your purchase and that you [...]

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Do you offer color LINE-X?

If you are looking for something truly unique or you want to minimize the look of having a texture bedliner material sprayed in your project, color is a great option.  There are a few different techniques for applying colored LINE-X. To start colored LINE-X is a two step process.  Step #1 is to apply [...]

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Does LINE-X have a Lifetime Warranty?

LINE-X has a Lifetime Warranty when applied to truck bed.  Anything other than a truck has a One Year Warranty with the exception of mobile jobs which can have up to 5 and 10 years Warranties.  This is not to say that LINE-X won't last a lifetime, the reality is we spray nearly everything [...]

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What do I need to do to maintain LINE-X?

A simple walk though of your local auto parts store will introduce you to any number of cleaners, waxes, and sprays that shine.  Even LINE-X over the years have offered different products to help keep your bedliner looking good.  What we have found to work best is soap and water. Cleaning your bedliner when it's [...]

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Do you remove the hardware in the bed of the truck? (Need Pictures of Spray Over Hardware)

Yes, we remove all of your hardware to include bed-bolts if you have them.  We take pride in making your project look it's best, in order to do this we have to remove your hardware.  In the end your bed will look like it was sprayed on the production line but unlike factory spray in [...]

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How long does it take to install LINE-X?

When calling to make an appointment, plan on making an appointment 24 to 48  hours in advance. Sometimes we can get you in the same day but please don't count on it.  When we book your appointment we plan on having your truck for 4 hours.  With over 24 years of experience, we can [...]

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