Governments are recognizing older pressure-treated wooden playgrounds as safety hazards for children. Slivers of pressure-treated wood can get under kids’ skin. These slivers contain toxic chemicals such as arsenic. In New York State, schools and municipalities are now mandated by the government to address pressure-treated wood structures: they must either be completely coated or replaced with steel or plastic structures. Replacing the structures with comparable new structures would be extremely costly. With LINE-X, the structure can be made safe, durable, long lasting, and will comply with state regulations, all for less money and in about a week. An even layer of LINE-X over the pressure treated wood keeps the wood from slivering and harming children.

Park Benches

As municipalities and other stewards of green spaces look to revitalize outside areas, one of the most common investments is park benches. New park benches are available in cast concrete, but they are costly and don’t maintain the same nostalgic feel as traditional metal and wood slat benches.The traditional wood and metal benches at a local park were old,ragged looking and the victims of repeated vandalism. The state park service needed a solution to refurbish the benches without having to spend a great deal of money to replace them. They looked to LINE-X®to renovate the existing benches, refreshing their look and extending their life.

Mining Tables

A vermiculite mining company was experiencing abrasion problems on their four shaker tables. The company needed to protect its 8' x 25' tables from abrasion and corrosion caused by the continuous exposure to rock and slurry. Previous attempts at protecting the plywood and pine surface included using a paint-like plastic product, but it did not adhere well to the substrate and failed. The company required the protective coating that woudl permanently adhere to the substrate, and protect against constant abrasion and impact.

Marine Vessels

Marine vessels and pleasure craft are constantly battling wet and slippery floors, stains and rot. Routine maintenance, repainting, and resurfacing are often required to keep ahead of those problems. Installing new marine grade plywood and coating it with colored LINE-X allowed the owner to restore their boat with a factory looking interior which was both waterproof and UV stable.

Luggage Carts

Often times the luggage cart is the first thing guests see and are used to unload, load and transport suitcases or personal belongings to and from their rooms. This frequent use can cause serious wear and tear, or permanent damage to the carts. In an effort to uphold the highest image of quality, hotels are left to either repair or replace damaged carts which can be cost prohibitive. Hotels around the world depend on their staff, facilities and equipment to provide the highest quality of customer experience. Applying LINE-X will increase the durability and ensure appealing aesthetics of these luggage carts for hotel guests.

Industrial Dollies

A large manufacturer of industrial bulk dollies and other industrial equipment needed a solution for each of these requirements. They had previously tried a low temperature, low pressure coating but the results were disappointing. This customer was looking for a quality solution that would give their dollies sound abatement properties, last longer and perform better than any of their competitors’ options.

Golf Course Bridge

Golf courses and other outdoor recreation areas have an ongoing challenge of providing attractive and safe areas for patrons. Wooden bridges are commonly used to give people easy access over streams and gullies. However, wooden bridges can become slippery due to rain, dew and moss. If not treated properly, these bridges can deteriorate over time marring the pristine landscape that the golf course takes pride in preserving.

Food Services

Wherever food is being handled or prepared, cleanliness is imperative.With conventional construction materials the food service industry has the constant challenge of keeping floors, walls, and work areas sealed from contamination. In adverse conditions metal corrodes, concrete and tiles crack and wood rots.

Fire Trucks

Fire trucks have numerous compartment, spaces, and storage compartments which all require specialized protection. Fire trucks are constantly be subjected to high traffic of people and equipment being loaded or unloaded, which can cause parts to wear. Additionally, these fire trucks will be subjected to environments with a lot of water or other chemicals which leads slick surfaces, and component rusting and corrosion.

Expedition Vans

Expedition vans are rugged, purpose built vehicles meant for long distance off-road adventure trips. These off-road driving environments commonly cause rust, corrosion, paint scratches or rock chips, dents, and other general wear and tear of vehicles. Adventurers seek a solution to extend the life of their expedition vans and require a durable coating that can withstand the abuse of the extreme outdoor conditions.

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