Utility Shed

There is a wide variety of configurations and materials commonly used in the fabrication and construction of utility buildings. But they all have one thing in common, the need protection from the elements. Whether concrete, steel, wood, aluminum or fiberglass, Mother Nature will find away to break into any structure.Valuable equipment can be exposed to dirt, moisture and pests that can damage or destroy your assets, requiring premature repair or replacement.

Waterproofing Outdoor Showers

During the warm summer months, pool goers and beach goers make the most of outdoor showers. At many public beaches and hotel pools an outdoor shower is provided to help keep guests comfortable and pool areas clean. While convenient for guests and visitors, outdoor showers can be a maintenance challenge if not properly constructed. Unprotected wooden walls and floors can rot very quickly in damp environments. One city parks manager came to LINE-X looking for a permanent, durable and aesthetically pleasing waterproofing solution.

UTV Cargo Bed

UTV cargo beds are exposed to extreme conditions while loading, hauling, and working in the field. This workload often leads to paint chipping, rusting, corrosion, and denting. All of which decreases the life expectancy and value of the UTV

Sports Catering

A catering company invested in a specialized rig to use during sporting events - a 53 foot commercial kitchen on wheels! While the kitchen is state of the art, the floor was not. Over time, the original vinyl tile floor began to loosen. The loose tiles got in the way of the crews feet as they moved throughout the kitchen creating a safety hazard. Additionally, the areas in the floor with missing tiles were unsightly and hard to clean. As a result, the health inspector was very critical of the floor’s condition. The catering company risked failing a health inspection if the floor was not fixed. The catering company chose to remove the entire vinyl floor. Instead of replacing it with a new vinyl floor, they chose to use a tougher, more durable option.

Speaker Boxes

Musicians and venues around the world rely on their sound equipment and speaker systems to perform nightly. Often times this equipment is being moved to and setup at concert venues on a weekly basis. This frequent moving and transport can cause serious equipment wear and tear that can drastically cut down the life expectancy of the speakers. Additionally, replacing this equipment can be extremely cost prohibitive so protecting it from damage or product failure is crucial. Speaker manufacturers, musicians and entertainment companies seek a solution to increase the durability and ensure performance of their extremely valuable music equipment.

Shower Stalls

King’s Daughters Medical Center in Kentucky had problems with the safety and sanitation of their shower stalls. The showers were tiled, a slip hazard in this wet environment. The grout was unsanitary, holding onto moisture and creating an environment where mold, bacteria and other germs could grow. The tile was easily damaged from hospital equipment. Once damaged, moisture seeped behind the tile causing the drywall to deteriorate allowing mold and bacteria to grow in the wall. The hospital required a solution for the shower stalls that would provide: 1) A seamless floor-wall-ceiling membrane. 2) A slip resistant surface texture on the floors. 3) A smooth and easily cleanable walls and environment that would inhibit fungus and bacteria growth a durable. 4) A long lasting solution an aesthetically pleasing, uniform, and with color.

Sheep Pen

Sheep pens are regularly exposed to urine and feces that must be allowed to drain to keep the pen sanitary. Additionally, the floor of the sheep pen must be even and level.Traditional pen flooring consists of precisely spaced wood or metal slats that allow waste material to fall through, but these floors are difficult to clean and can allow straw bedding to fall through as well.To keep with the look of his house and the neighborhood, the owner of a small flock of sheep constructed a pen to look like a shed. The floor was made of standard plywood with several 1” drainage holes. The owner needed protection that would prolong the life of the pen floor by protecting it from the sheep urine and feces.

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Seamless Flat Roofing Membrane

A factory roof in Cyprus had major issues with water ingress, causing numerous problems internally inside the building. The roof was previously covered with bitumen, a type of asphalt commonly used for flat roofs. Bitumen can breakdown prematurely in fluctuating climate and weather conditions. In the heat of the summer months, the bitumen had cracked along the joints allowing the rainwater to seep through the existing membrane. Moreover, bitumen tends to absorb rather than reflect heat which can superheat the building below. A long-lasting solution was needed to re-waterproof the roof.

Restaurant Bar Tables

Restaurant surfaces take a lot of abuse from cleaning agents and hot items, both of which can significantly damage a surface. Replacement costs can be high and new items may be susceptible to similar deterioration. The bar tables at a local restaurant were originally topped with a wood laminate which was damaged and began pealing over time. The tables were a health concern for customers as routine cleaning was difficult.They were also a visible embarrassment to the restaurant owner.The restaurant owner wanted to avoid the expense of purchasing new equipment and needed a protective coating that was durable, attractive, heat and chemical resistant,and would not chip or peel.

Portable Living Quarters

There are a wide variety of configurations and materials commonly used in the fabrication and construction of portable modular buildings. These structures can be used as utility buildings, portable living quarters, command centers and much more. Despite their different functions they have one thing in common: to provide protection and security wherever they go. In this case, mobile living units were fabricated from 40 ft. steel shipping containers to house workers at remote construction sites. These trailers were designed to provide personnel with a climate controlled shelter with cooking and sanitary facilities that would stand up to consistent and rough use.

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