Marine Vessels

Marine vessels and pleasure craft are constantly battling wet and slippery floors, stains and rot. Routine maintenance, repainting, and resurfacing are often required to keep ahead of those problems. Installing new marine grade plywood and coating it with colored LINE-X allowed the owner to restore their boat with a factory looking interior which was both waterproof and UV stable.

Boat Keel

Many boats are constructed using gel coating reinforced with fiberglass. Often these boats are prone to damage from floating debris such as logs and old pilings. Damage can also occur when beaching a boat on a gravel or rocky shore. Once the fiberglass coating on the keel has been chipped or damaged, water can leak through the hull and into the boat.

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Amusement Park Tram

Fiberglass / Gelcoat cracks, chips and splinters. The maintenance and replacement costs alone can be a huge hit to your bottom line. That once smooth, beautiful finish very quickly deteriorates into an eyesore which can become a liability to customers and workers. Conventional solutions just don’t provide durability or longevity.

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