Refrigerated Vans

Companies around the world rely on refrigerated vans to get their food goods transported from the manufacturing facility to their final destination. Most of these vans are stripped down utility vehicles with little to no insulation. In areas with hot climates, such as summers in Monterrey, Mexico, refrigeration units are frequently overworked and unable to keep the products inside at the desired temperature. These customers need some kind of insulation to help reduce the heat inside the vans.

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Encapsulated Floatations

Unprotected foam flotation billets can negatively impact the environment and wildlife. Foam can be damaged by debris, sunlight and chemicals.Rodents and other creatures like to nest in foam, causing heavy further breakdown. The foam can also absorb water over time making docks heavier and less buoyant. Unencapsulated floats are now prohibited in many areas and clean-up efforts of water bodies has shown that a large percentage of the debris collected is often foam.

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Closed Cell Foam Environmental Floats

A private environmental monitoring agency was looking for a solution to protect their floating foam buoys. The buoys carry a variety of waterborne instruments designed to collect environmental data such as contaminants during construction projects, oxygen levels during fish spawning seasons, or other desired data.

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