Off Shore Oil Rig

On the oil rig SOUTH ARNE in the Danish North sea, they were experiencing a constant loss of fluids in their Clean in Place (CIP) tank. The fiberglass tank didn’t have the right structural support, resulting in cracks in the joints of walls and floor. The operators needed and cost effective solution which would not only provide the structural support needed, but must minimize downtime.

Marine Vessels

Marine vessels and pleasure craft are constantly battling wet and slippery floors, stains and rot. Routine maintenance, repainting, and resurfacing are often required to keep ahead of those problems. Installing new marine grade plywood and coating it with colored LINE-X allowed the owner to restore their boat with a factory looking interior which was both waterproof and UV stable.

Lifeguard Platform

The city recreation center was experiencing mold problems on the life-guard platforms in the pool area.Though the center was relatively new, the humid pool environment allowed mold to begin growing on all lifeguard platforms. This resulted in a health hazard for users of the life-guard platforms. It was also very unappealing for guests of the recreation center.The city needed a solution for the platforms that would prevent mold and other fungus to grow. The result must also be low maintenance and visually appealing for guests. The city requested the lifeguard platforms match the existing interior decor.

House Boat

The decks of houseboats are subjected to harsh conditions and repeated exposure to the elements.These decks are traditionally constructed with high grade plywood which is covered with a labor intensive fiberglass gel-coat surface. unfortunately, the gel-coat insusceptible to cracks and does not withstand significant impact dam-age. In very little time, the decks of million dollar houseboats become damaged, degrading their appearance and functionality. Due to the EPA restrictions which require the boats to be removed from the water before fiberglass work can be done,maintenance and repairs can cost thousands of dollars.

Fire Trucks

Fire trucks have numerous compartment, spaces, and storage compartments which all require specialized protection. Fire trucks are constantly be subjected to high traffic of people and equipment being loaded or unloaded, which can cause parts to wear. Additionally, these fire trucks will be subjected to environments with a lot of water or other chemicals which leads slick surfaces, and component rusting and corrosion.

Fiberglass Production Chutes

A factory that produces soft drinks made of apples had an issue with the chutes that transports apples through the production plant.The fiberglass chutes had become very worn, often breaking down due to the large volume of apples processed on a daily basis. When the chutes broke down, it would create a costly disruption in production, and ultimately profit. For many years, fiberglass had been applied and reapplied to fix the problems but without success.

Cruise Ship Shower

The Cruise Industry is a challenging customer for both environmental and financial reasons. The marine environment where the ships typically operate is warm and humid. This puts corrosion and mold prevention at a premium. Additionally, the ships only make money for the owners when they are underway with passengers embarked. This makes in-port maintenance time a premium.

Boat Keel

Many boats are constructed using gel coating reinforced with fiberglass. Often these boats are prone to damage from floating debris such as logs and old pilings. Damage can also occur when beaching a boat on a gravel or rocky shore. Once the fiberglass coating on the keel has been chipped or damaged, water can leak through the hull and into the boat.

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