Shower Stalls

King’s Daughters Medical Center in Kentucky had problems with the safety and sanitation of their shower stalls. The showers were tiled, a slip hazard in this wet environment. The grout was unsanitary, holding onto moisture and creating an environment where mold, bacteria and other germs could grow. The tile was easily damaged from hospital equipment. Once damaged, moisture seeped behind the tile causing the drywall to deteriorate allowing mold and bacteria to grow in the wall. The hospital required a solution for the shower stalls that would provide: 1) A seamless floor-wall-ceiling membrane. 2) A slip resistant surface texture on the floors. 3) A smooth and easily cleanable walls and environment that would inhibit fungus and bacteria growth a durable. 4) A long lasting solution an aesthetically pleasing, uniform, and with color.

Service Vehicles

Impact and abrasion can easily wear away the thin layer of protection paint on service vehicles exposing the metal beneath to corrosion. The resulting of deterioration of the metal will require maintenance or re-placement of the part. It also de-tracts from the overall appearance of the vehicle and image of the company. Additionally, employee steps can become slippery when exposed to the elements increasing slip and fall hazards. A national railway company wanted to protect their service vehicles from corrosion while maintaining the professional corporate look of the company. They also wanted employee walk areas to be protected against slip resistance.

RV Shower and bathroom Facilities

A popular RV campsite was building a shower and bathroom facility.They were in need of a flooring solution that would be sturdy enough to withstand constant foot traffic of the guests while remaining aesthetically appealing.In addition, because of the showers and steam involved, it was imperative the solution be non-skid and water resistant.

Police K-9 Unit

Police dogs, or K-9 officers, are in widespread use across the United States serving at all levels of law enforcement including federal, state, county, and city departments. They are utilized for a wide variety of duties including suspect tracking, search and rescue, weapon and contraband detection. One common area that is a challenge for K-9 Units is transportation. Specialized police vehicles are used to transport the team between deployments. Police dogs can quickly play havoc on traditional automotive seats. Typically, a police department will purchase a specially adapted container that installs in the rear seat of a K-9 patrol car. This container is often made of aluminum and needs a tough durable coating for the safety and comfort of the dog. Without a protective coating, the aluminum surface would be very slippery for the K-9 officer. One police department came to LINE-X looking for a safe and suitable solution.


Governments are recognizing older pressure-treated wooden playgrounds as safety hazards for children. Slivers of pressure-treated wood can get under kids’ skin. These slivers contain toxic chemicals such as arsenic. In New York State, schools and municipalities are now mandated by the government to address pressure-treated wood structures: they must either be completely coated or replaced with steel or plastic structures. Replacing the structures with comparable new structures would be extremely costly. With LINE-X, the structure can be made safe, durable, long lasting, and will comply with state regulations, all for less money and in about a week. An even layer of LINE-X over the pressure treated wood keeps the wood from slivering and harming children.

Paver Deck

The Hospital & Health System Association of Pennsylvania administration office needed a solution for a second floor deck that was leaking onto the first floor entrance lobby. Built about 25 years ago of a watertight membrane under concrete pavers and epoxy grout, the deck had deteriorated significantly and grout joints were popping up in some areas allowing water to seep in. They needed the coating to stop the water leak, be slip resistant, and complement the look of the building.

Lift Gates

Corrosion damage occurs on all unprotected lift gates and can resulting pitting and eventually functional impairment. One of the most common methods of minimizing corrosion, powder coating, provides a barrier to rust but is easily chipped or scratched exposing the metal beneath to rusting from the inside out. A skid resistant surface is also an important attribute of any lift gate, especially when moving items or loaded carts. Powder coated surfaces do not provide any skid resistance.

Jeep Full Body

Deserts, snowy mountains, steep rock faces, sand dunes; you name it and most Jeep owners can conquer it. However, these off-road driving environments commonly cause serious vehicle damage including; rust, corrosion, paint scratches or rock chips, dents and general wear and tear of expensive vehicles. Additionally, Jeep owners commonly spend a significant amount of money to up-fit and accessories their Jeeps to conquer even the most extreme trails and terrains. They seek a solution that adds durability, customized vehicle personality, and can withstand the abuse of outdoor conditions and help extend the life of their Jeeps and its accessories.

House Boat

The decks of houseboats are subjected to harsh conditions and repeated exposure to the elements.These decks are traditionally constructed with high grade plywood which is covered with a labor intensive fiberglass gel-coat surface. unfortunately, the gel-coat insusceptible to cracks and does not withstand significant impact dam-age. In very little time, the decks of million dollar houseboats become damaged, degrading their appearance and functionality. Due to the EPA restrictions which require the boats to be removed from the water before fiberglass work can be done,maintenance and repairs can cost thousands of dollars.

Grooming Tables

A local dog groomer needed to find a protective skid-resistant solution for their grooming tables. Newer grooming tables are typically made of steel, a slippery surface for paws that increases the risk of injury from slips and falls, particularly in older animals. The grooming company tried using mats but found they wear out and are prone to shifting, bunching and can be difficult to clean. In addition to providing an anti-slip surface, the protective coating they used had to be non-toxic and washable for the health of the animals.

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