Wrought Iron Furniture

Wrought iron furniture is popular all over the country. Homeowners enjoy the classic look of the furniture on their deck or patio. They also like its somewhat heavy construction which makes the furniture stable in windy conditions. The most common topcoat finishes found on wrought iron furniture are either paint or powder coating. While owning wrought iron furniture has several advantages over other options for outdoor and patio furniture, it does have several disadvantages. One of the major disadvantages of wrought iron furniture is its inability to fight the outdoor elements, despite a topcoat finish. Whether the initial coating is paint or powder coating, eventually the furniture will rust and cause unsightly, brown and reddish colored streaks and stains on both the furniture and deck or patio. Because LINE-X is nationally recognized for protecting truck beds against rust and corrosion, a customer decided to have their wrought iron furniture covered and protected by LINE-X.

Trike Fenders

Metal or painted fenders show dam-age easily. Even a small rock will leave a dimple or chip the paint. Enthusiasts spend thousands of dollars ensuring their vehicles look great. Damaged fenders or accessories significantly detract from the look and value of the vehicle.A local company specializing in trikes and sidecar kits has LINE-X spray the back fenders, steps and the front fender of their vehicles to protect them from the damage caused by normal driving. The company is so pleased with the LINE-X product, they referred an out-of-town couple to the local store for this application.

Tankers and Vacuum Trucks

Companies in North America have the constant challenge of keeping their equipment looking clean and new. Metal tanks need routine maintenance and repainting to keep on top of corrosion problems, but need protectiuon from constant abrasion on gravel roads; without protection they too will look old and unkept.

SWAT Truck

Nearly all police departments in the United States have some form of S.W.A.T. vehicle. These vehicles are used to transport heavily-armed Special Weapons and Tactics teams or specialized equipment into difficult and challenging situations. These vehicles come in numerous designs and configurations depending on the needs of the department. In addition to the safety they provide, the appearance of the trucks is also a point of pride to the officers who use them. For one police department, their S.W.A.T. vehicle was taking particular external abuse. With officers in full gear riding on platforms against the outside of the truck, the standard paint was scrapping off and exposing the bare metal underneath. To prevent corrosion of the truck body, the department came to LINE-X.

Rock Chips

Truck beds aren’t the only parts of personal vehicles that take a beating. The grill, hood and rocker panels of vehicles are vulnerable to chips by rocks and other road debris, even during normal driving conditions. These chips diminish the appearance of the vehicle while leaving it susceptible to rust. Car “bras” are useful for protecting the grill and hood of a vehicle from damage but they trap moisture when it rains and are often unsightly and become damaged over time. LINE-X can be applied to the front grill, hood and rocker panels for a permanent accessory that protects the vehicle from chipping and rust damage while enhancing the appearance.

Luggage Carts

Often times the luggage cart is the first thing guests see and are used to unload, load and transport suitcases or personal belongings to and from their rooms. This frequent use can cause serious wear and tear, or permanent damage to the carts. In an effort to uphold the highest image of quality, hotels are left to either repair or replace damaged carts which can be cost prohibitive. Hotels around the world depend on their staff, facilities and equipment to provide the highest quality of customer experience. Applying LINE-X will increase the durability and ensure appealing aesthetics of these luggage carts for hotel guests.

Lift Gates

Corrosion damage occurs on all unprotected lift gates and can resulting pitting and eventually functional impairment. One of the most common methods of minimizing corrosion, powder coating, provides a barrier to rust but is easily chipped or scratched exposing the metal beneath to rusting from the inside out. A skid resistant surface is also an important attribute of any lift gate, especially when moving items or loaded carts. Powder coated surfaces do not provide any skid resistance.

Jeep Full Body

Deserts, snowy mountains, steep rock faces, sand dunes; you name it and most Jeep owners can conquer it. However, these off-road driving environments commonly cause serious vehicle damage including; rust, corrosion, paint scratches or rock chips, dents and general wear and tear of expensive vehicles. Additionally, Jeep owners commonly spend a significant amount of money to up-fit and accessories their Jeeps to conquer even the most extreme trails and terrains. They seek a solution that adds durability, customized vehicle personality, and can withstand the abuse of outdoor conditions and help extend the life of their Jeeps and its accessories.

House Boat

The decks of houseboats are subjected to harsh conditions and repeated exposure to the elements.These decks are traditionally constructed with high grade plywood which is covered with a labor intensive fiberglass gel-coat surface. unfortunately, the gel-coat insusceptible to cracks and does not withstand significant impact dam-age. In very little time, the decks of million dollar houseboats become damaged, degrading their appearance and functionality. Due to the EPA restrictions which require the boats to be removed from the water before fiberglass work can be done,maintenance and repairs can cost thousands of dollars.

Grooming Tables

A local dog groomer needed to find a protective skid-resistant solution for their grooming tables. Newer grooming tables are typically made of steel, a slippery surface for paws that increases the risk of injury from slips and falls, particularly in older animals. The grooming company tried using mats but found they wear out and are prone to shifting, bunching and can be difficult to clean. In addition to providing an anti-slip surface, the protective coating they used had to be non-toxic and washable for the health of the animals.

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