Waterproofing Outdoor Showers

During the warm summer months, pool goers and beach goers make the most of outdoor showers. At many public beaches and hotel pools an outdoor shower is provided to help keep guests comfortable and pool areas clean. While convenient for guests and visitors, outdoor showers can be a maintenance challenge if not properly constructed. Unprotected wooden walls and floors can rot very quickly in damp environments. One city parks manager came to LINE-X looking for a permanent, durable and aesthetically pleasing waterproofing solution.

Waterproofing Decking

Decks provide a beautiful and functional addition to many homes. They can also be a critical element in protecting the home from water damage due to leaks. Failed home waterproofing causes tremendous damage that can cost thousands of dollars in damage and repairs. Material selection is the most crucial aspect of waterproofing. The best application of a poor product will still result in a failed application. Investing in the proper materials and application up front can save the homeowner from tremendous cost and frustration later. In many parts of the country, LINE-X is the best known waterproof decking solution. Local contractors specify LINE-X by name in their plans and build decks to the proven standards that ensure a complete long lasting solution for the homeowner.

Sheep Pen

Sheep pens are regularly exposed to urine and feces that must be allowed to drain to keep the pen sanitary. Additionally, the floor of the sheep pen must be even and level.Traditional pen flooring consists of precisely spaced wood or metal slats that allow waste material to fall through, but these floors are difficult to clean and can allow straw bedding to fall through as well.To keep with the look of his house and the neighborhood, the owner of a small flock of sheep constructed a pen to look like a shed. The floor was made of standard plywood with several 1” drainage holes. The owner needed protection that would prolong the life of the pen floor by protecting it from the sheep urine and feces.

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