Fan Shrouds

Several fan shrouds were located in an open warehouse. The exposed sharp edges of the shrouds created a risk of injury to people in the ware-house. Because the shrouds were black and they blended into the background, accelerating the risk for accidental injury. OSHA considered the fan shrouds to be a workplace hazard.

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Loading Dock Ramps

Two loading dock ramps at a local foundry were corroding, causing safety hazards while diminishing the value of the equipment and resulting in an eyesore for the company. The spring loading docks are used to allow forklifts easier access to truckloads at the plant. However, forklift traffic and pallets dragged over these ramps were causing serious wear on the ramps resulting in slippery, rusted surface. The Safety Manager at the plant needed a solution to reduce slippage and protect the ramp surface.

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Industrial Dollies

A large manufacturer of industrial bulk dollies and other industrial equipment needed a solution for each of these requirements. They had previously tried a low temperature, low pressure coating but the results were disappointing. This customer was looking for a quality solution that would give their dollies sound abatement properties, last longer and perform better than any of their competitors’ options.

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