Utility Body

Utility trucks are used by contractors and commercial personnel to help complete some of the most demanding work. These trucks must be able to transport heavy and often bulky equipment to and from the job site in a safe and secured manner. Without the use of these trucks many contractors and commercial personnel would not be able to complete their jobs.A local contractor came to LINE-X in need of a solution for the rust corrosion on his utility bodies. The factory paint protecting these vehicles was quickly wearing away, allowing severe rust to corrode the bed and tops of the cabinets. Fine particulates in the air compounded the issue. In the past they had tried a variety of coating solutions including slip-resistant adhesives and other do-it-yourself coatings. None of these effectively held up to the demands of working around these harsh environments.

Vehicle Restoration- Undercarriage Light Industrial

An automotive enthusiast was restoring a vehicle and needed impact and abrasion protection on the undercarriage. The vehicle needed significant protection that would not chip or easily wear while also protecting from rocks and other road debris. It was imperative that the protection not interfere with the performance of the vehicle.The enthusiast also wanted to maintain the original “look” of the vehicle by color matching the protection to the exterior paint.

Truck Interior

Consumers are expecting more luxuries out of their vehicles than ever before. One of the most important things expected from vehicles is a quiet ride. To accommodate consumers, most vehicles are equipped with sound-deadening insulation.Unfortunately, the insulation is inadequate, allowing road noise into the vehicle. This is both annoying to the passengers and lessens sound quality from the stereo system.Traditional aftermarket sound deadening options include foam or foam-like squares that break down overtime and require messy adhesive to apply. These options also require sections to be pieced together,which is often rough and leaves gaps for noise to pass through.Vehicle owners looking for a solution to this noise problem are turning to LINE-X.

Trike Fenders

Metal or painted fenders show dam-age easily. Even a small rock will leave a dimple or chip the paint. Enthusiasts spend thousands of dollars ensuring their vehicles look great. Damaged fenders or accessories significantly detract from the look and value of the vehicle.A local company specializing in trikes and sidecar kits has LINE-X spray the back fenders, steps and the front fender of their vehicles to protect them from the damage caused by normal driving. The company is so pleased with the LINE-X product, they referred an out-of-town couple to the local store for this application.

Sand Blast Cabinet

The largest producer of reclaimed glassware in the world uses a sandblaster to frost their goblets and tumblers. Due to the force of the sand blasting, the original door made of 5mm thick mild steel eroded forming a hole within approximately 12 weeks time costing the company replacement fee sand production downtime. The customer required a solution that would withstand powerful blasts on a continuous basis preventing downtime from its production schedule.

Restaurant Garbage Cans

The local branch of a popular restaurant chain was experiencing serious decay in their steel garbage cans. The cans are essentially steel drums approximately 30 gallons in size. Food waste, which is extremely corrosive, consistently makes its way to the bottom of the cans and is difficult to clean out. Asa result, the cans rust out and must be replaced every 6-12 months.Plastic garbage liners weren’t enough to protect the inside of the garbage can. Previously, the company tried a coating from another company, but the coating failed.They approached the local LINE-X for a higher quality solution. They needed a protective coating that would prevent corrosion and still came it at a reasonable price point.

Refrigerated Vans

Companies around the world rely on refrigerated vans to get their food goods transported from the manufacturing facility to their final destination. Most of these vans are stripped down utility vehicles with little to no insulation. In areas with hot climates, such as summers in Monterrey, Mexico, refrigeration units are frequently overworked and unable to keep the products inside at the desired temperature. These customers need some kind of insulation to help reduce the heat inside the vans.

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Jeep Full Body

Deserts, snowy mountains, steep rock faces, sand dunes; you name it and most Jeep owners can conquer it. However, these off-road driving environments commonly cause serious vehicle damage including; rust, corrosion, paint scratches or rock chips, dents and general wear and tear of expensive vehicles. Additionally, Jeep owners commonly spend a significant amount of money to up-fit and accessories their Jeeps to conquer even the most extreme trails and terrains. They seek a solution that adds durability, customized vehicle personality, and can withstand the abuse of outdoor conditions and help extend the life of their Jeeps and its accessories.

Industrial Dollies

A large manufacturer of industrial bulk dollies and other industrial equipment needed a solution for each of these requirements. They had previously tried a low temperature, low pressure coating but the results were disappointing. This customer was looking for a quality solution that would give their dollies sound abatement properties, last longer and perform better than any of their competitors’ options.

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