VA Hospital

Black mold can occur in any area prone to moisture putting residents at risk of persistent headaches, fatigue, memory loss, chest pains and more. While many people might not see the effects of black mold for years, the administration of a VA Hospital had to spend excessive time and money preventing the possibility. The VA hospital's compressors produce condensation that builds up in the tanks and splashes on adjacent walls. In addition, the water filtration systems can leak causing the need for drywall in those rooms to be re-placed frequently.The customer required a seamless water-resistant barrier on the walls up to three feet high in some areas to prevent splashes from rotting the drywall while containing potential floods in these areas.

Grooming Tables

A local dog groomer needed to find a protective skid-resistant solution for their grooming tables. Newer grooming tables are typically made of steel, a slippery surface for paws that increases the risk of injury from slips and falls, particularly in older animals. The grooming company tried using mats but found they wear out and are prone to shifting, bunching and can be difficult to clean. In addition to providing an anti-slip surface, the protective coating they used had to be non-toxic and washable for the health of the animals.

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