Fan Shrouds

Several fan shrouds were located in an open warehouse. The exposed sharp edges of the shrouds created a risk of injury to people in the ware-house. Because the shrouds were black and they blended into the background, accelerating the risk for accidental injury. OSHA considered the fan shrouds to be a workplace hazard.

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Governments are recognizing older pressure-treated wooden playgrounds as safety hazards for children. Slivers of pressure-treated wood can get under kids’ skin. These slivers contain toxic chemicals such as arsenic. In New York State, schools and municipalities are now mandated by the government to address pressure-treated wood structures: they must either be completely coated or replaced with steel or plastic structures. Replacing the structures with comparable new structures would be extremely costly. With LINE-X, the structure can be made safe, durable, long lasting, and will comply with state regulations, all for less money and in about a week. An even layer of LINE-X over the pressure treated wood keeps the wood from slivering and harming children.

Luggage Carts

Often times the luggage cart is the first thing guests see and are used to unload, load and transport suitcases or personal belongings to and from their rooms. This frequent use can cause serious wear and tear, or permanent damage to the carts. In an effort to uphold the highest image of quality, hotels are left to either repair or replace damaged carts which can be cost prohibitive. Hotels around the world depend on their staff, facilities and equipment to provide the highest quality of customer experience. Applying LINE-X will increase the durability and ensure appealing aesthetics of these luggage carts for hotel guests.

Loading Dock Ramps

Two loading dock ramps at a local foundry were corroding, causing safety hazards while diminishing the value of the equipment and resulting in an eyesore for the company. The spring loading docks are used to allow forklifts easier access to truckloads at the plant. However, forklift traffic and pallets dragged over these ramps were causing serious wear on the ramps resulting in slippery, rusted surface. The Safety Manager at the plant needed a solution to reduce slippage and protect the ramp surface.

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Lifeguard Platform

The city recreation center was experiencing mold problems on the life-guard platforms in the pool area.Though the center was relatively new, the humid pool environment allowed mold to begin growing on all lifeguard platforms. This resulted in a health hazard for users of the life-guard platforms. It was also very unappealing for guests of the recreation center.The city needed a solution for the platforms that would prevent mold and other fungus to grow. The result must also be low maintenance and visually appealing for guests. The city requested the lifeguard platforms match the existing interior decor.

Heavy Machinery

A heavy machinery manufacturer needed a solution for the damage caused inside the hydraulic equipment they manufactured when the equipment is put into use. The quick and inconsistent movement of the machine causes the ram to collide with the cylinder in certain spots, resulting in wear and damage to both pieces.The manufacturer was forced to handle increased warranty claims and repairs. They needed a solution that would both provide impact and abrasion resistance and provide a higher quality product for their customers.

Golf Course Bridge

Golf courses and other outdoor recreation areas have an ongoing challenge of providing attractive and safe areas for patrons. Wooden bridges are commonly used to give people easy access over streams and gullies. However, wooden bridges can become slippery due to rain, dew and moss. If not treated properly, these bridges can deteriorate over time marring the pristine landscape that the golf course takes pride in preserving.

Freightliner M2

Utility trucks are the workhorse for countless business's in an around San Diego. Protecting the body and compartments with LINE-X not only prevents corrosion and denting but with aggregate added we can ensure your employees don't slip or hurt themselves. Not only does this protect employees it protects from unnecessary insurance, liability and worker compensation claims.

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