Waterproofing Decking

Decks provide a beautiful and functional addition to many homes. They can also be a critical element in protecting the home from water damage due to leaks. Failed home waterproofing causes tremendous damage that can cost thousands of dollars in damage and repairs. Material selection is the most crucial aspect of waterproofing. The best application of a poor product will still result in a failed application. Investing in the proper materials and application up front can save the homeowner from tremendous cost and frustration later. In many parts of the country, LINE-X is the best known waterproof decking solution. Local contractors specify LINE-X by name in their plans and build decks to the proven standards that ensure a complete long lasting solution for the homeowner.

Vault Toilets

Vault toilet systems in National Parks are severely abused by outdoor elements. The vault toilets in Joshua Tree National Park in California were particularly susceptible to damage caused by extreme temperatures, UV exposure and sand storms. They are also put to the test by the campers who set fires on the floors and defaced the walls and ceiling. The park/campground staff are responsible for keeping the facilities clean and aesthetically appealing for the public. Some of the vaults that have fire or other damage need to be repainted on a daily basis. This becomes very costly in materials and labor for the National Park service.The National Park service required a solution for the constant maintenance and cost issues surrounding the vault toilet systems.

VA Hospital

Black mold can occur in any area prone to moisture putting residents at risk of persistent headaches, fatigue, memory loss, chest pains and more. While many people might not see the effects of black mold for years, the administration of a VA Hospital had to spend excessive time and money preventing the possibility. The VA hospital's compressors produce condensation that builds up in the tanks and splashes on adjacent walls. In addition, the water filtration systems can leak causing the need for drywall in those rooms to be re-placed frequently.The customer required a seamless water-resistant barrier on the walls up to three feet high in some areas to prevent splashes from rotting the drywall while containing potential floods in these areas.

Truck Interior

Consumers are expecting more luxuries out of their vehicles than ever before. One of the most important things expected from vehicles is a quiet ride. To accommodate consumers, most vehicles are equipped with sound-deadening insulation.Unfortunately, the insulation is inadequate, allowing road noise into the vehicle. This is both annoying to the passengers and lessens sound quality from the stereo system.Traditional aftermarket sound deadening options include foam or foam-like squares that break down overtime and require messy adhesive to apply. These options also require sections to be pieced together,which is often rough and leaves gaps for noise to pass through.Vehicle owners looking for a solution to this noise problem are turning to LINE-X.

Shower Stalls

King’s Daughters Medical Center in Kentucky had problems with the safety and sanitation of their shower stalls. The showers were tiled, a slip hazard in this wet environment. The grout was unsanitary, holding onto moisture and creating an environment where mold, bacteria and other germs could grow. The tile was easily damaged from hospital equipment. Once damaged, moisture seeped behind the tile causing the drywall to deteriorate allowing mold and bacteria to grow in the wall. The hospital required a solution for the shower stalls that would provide: 1) A seamless floor-wall-ceiling membrane. 2) A slip resistant surface texture on the floors. 3) A smooth and easily cleanable walls and environment that would inhibit fungus and bacteria growth a durable. 4) A long lasting solution an aesthetically pleasing, uniform, and with color.

Sheep Pen

Sheep pens are regularly exposed to urine and feces that must be allowed to drain to keep the pen sanitary. Additionally, the floor of the sheep pen must be even and level.Traditional pen flooring consists of precisely spaced wood or metal slats that allow waste material to fall through, but these floors are difficult to clean and can allow straw bedding to fall through as well.To keep with the look of his house and the neighborhood, the owner of a small flock of sheep constructed a pen to look like a shed. The floor was made of standard plywood with several 1” drainage holes. The owner needed protection that would prolong the life of the pen floor by protecting it from the sheep urine and feces.

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Portable Living Quarters

There are a wide variety of configurations and materials commonly used in the fabrication and construction of portable modular buildings. These structures can be used as utility buildings, portable living quarters, command centers and much more. Despite their different functions they have one thing in common: to provide protection and security wherever they go. In this case, mobile living units were fabricated from 40 ft. steel shipping containers to house workers at remote construction sites. These trailers were designed to provide personnel with a climate controlled shelter with cooking and sanitary facilities that would stand up to consistent and rough use.

Police K-9 Unit

Police dogs, or K-9 officers, are in widespread use across the United States serving at all levels of law enforcement including federal, state, county, and city departments. They are utilized for a wide variety of duties including suspect tracking, search and rescue, weapon and contraband detection. One common area that is a challenge for K-9 Units is transportation. Specialized police vehicles are used to transport the team between deployments. Police dogs can quickly play havoc on traditional automotive seats. Typically, a police department will purchase a specially adapted container that installs in the rear seat of a K-9 patrol car. This container is often made of aluminum and needs a tough durable coating for the safety and comfort of the dog. Without a protective coating, the aluminum surface would be very slippery for the K-9 officer. One police department came to LINE-X looking for a safe and suitable solution.

Petrol Island Refurbishment

Petrol station pump islands made of steel bezel and concrete often fail due to continuous use. Diesel and gasoline spills rust and corrode the metal bezel, and car tires wear down the concrete islands over time. As a result, the company had to fix and paint the islands every six to twelve months. That was a problem for the company, because even between re-coating, the islands were looking worst for wear.

Paver Deck

The Hospital & Health System Association of Pennsylvania administration office needed a solution for a second floor deck that was leaking onto the first floor entrance lobby. Built about 25 years ago of a watertight membrane under concrete pavers and epoxy grout, the deck had deteriorated significantly and grout joints were popping up in some areas allowing water to seep in. They needed the coating to stop the water leak, be slip resistant, and complement the look of the building.

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