Vault Toilets

Vault toilet systems in National Parks are severely abused by outdoor elements. The vault toilets in Joshua Tree National Park in California were particularly susceptible to damage caused by extreme temperatures, UV exposure and sand storms. They are also put to the test by the campers who set fires on the floors and defaced the walls and ceiling. The park/campground staff are responsible for keeping the facilities clean and aesthetically appealing for the public. Some of the vaults that have fire or other damage need to be repainted on a daily basis. This becomes very costly in materials and labor for the National Park service.The National Park service required a solution for the constant maintenance and cost issues surrounding the vault toilet systems.

House Boat

The decks of houseboats are subjected to harsh conditions and repeated exposure to the elements.These decks are traditionally constructed with high grade plywood which is covered with a labor intensive fiberglass gel-coat surface. unfortunately, the gel-coat insusceptible to cracks and does not withstand significant impact dam-age. In very little time, the decks of million dollar houseboats become damaged, degrading their appearance and functionality. Due to the EPA restrictions which require the boats to be removed from the water before fiberglass work can be done,maintenance and repairs can cost thousands of dollars.

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