Sports Catering

A catering company invested in a specialized rig to use during sporting events - a 53 foot commercial kitchen on wheels! While the kitchen is state of the art, the floor was not. Over time, the original vinyl tile floor began to loosen. The loose tiles got in the way of the crews feet as they moved throughout the kitchen creating a safety hazard. Additionally, the areas in the floor with missing tiles were unsightly and hard to clean. As a result, the health inspector was very critical of the floor’s condition. The catering company risked failing a health inspection if the floor was not fixed. The catering company chose to remove the entire vinyl floor. Instead of replacing it with a new vinyl floor, they chose to use a tougher, more durable option.

Restaurant Bar Tables

Restaurant surfaces take a lot of abuse from cleaning agents and hot items, both of which can significantly damage a surface. Replacement costs can be high and new items may be susceptible to similar deterioration. The bar tables at a local restaurant were originally topped with a wood laminate which was damaged and began pealing over time. The tables were a health concern for customers as routine cleaning was difficult.They were also a visible embarrassment to the restaurant owner.The restaurant owner wanted to avoid the expense of purchasing new equipment and needed a protective coating that was durable, attractive, heat and chemical resistant,and would not chip or peel.

House Boat

The decks of houseboats are subjected to harsh conditions and repeated exposure to the elements.These decks are traditionally constructed with high grade plywood which is covered with a labor intensive fiberglass gel-coat surface. unfortunately, the gel-coat insusceptible to cracks and does not withstand significant impact dam-age. In very little time, the decks of million dollar houseboats become damaged, degrading their appearance and functionality. Due to the EPA restrictions which require the boats to be removed from the water before fiberglass work can be done,maintenance and repairs can cost thousands of dollars.

Hopper Trailer

Hopper bottom trailers are used primarily to transport fertilizer and grain. The hoppers are exposed to rust damage from the salt used in northern climates, highly corrosive fertilizer dust, and road rash from travel on gravel roads.

Grooming Tables

A local dog groomer needed to find a protective skid-resistant solution for their grooming tables. Newer grooming tables are typically made of steel, a slippery surface for paws that increases the risk of injury from slips and falls, particularly in older animals. The grooming company tried using mats but found they wear out and are prone to shifting, bunching and can be difficult to clean. In addition to providing an anti-slip surface, the protective coating they used had to be non-toxic and washable for the health of the animals.

Food Services

Wherever food is being handled or prepared, cleanliness is imperative.With conventional construction materials the food service industry has the constant challenge of keeping floors, walls, and work areas sealed from contamination. In adverse conditions metal corrodes, concrete and tiles crack and wood rots.

Food Processing Facility

A major grocery chain outlet contacted LINE-X seeking a solution to an ongoing issue of maintenance and cleaning difficulties in their meat cutting department. Painted surfaces were difficult to clean and peeling paint from overhead duct runs presented an unsanitary and unappealing appearance.

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Fiberglass Production Chutes

A factory that produces soft drinks made of apples had an issue with the chutes that transports apples through the production plant.The fiberglass chutes had become very worn, often breaking down due to the large volume of apples processed on a daily basis. When the chutes broke down, it would create a costly disruption in production, and ultimately profit. For many years, fiberglass had been applied and reapplied to fix the problems but without success.

Concrete Water Tanks

Water tanks, especially for storing rainwater, are a vital part of sustainable living. Rainwater tanks are often made of concrete and can be used for storing drinking water, water for irrigation or fire suppression. Concrete is usually the preferred material because they are durable, keep water cool and is relatively inexpensive. The problem lies in the fact that concrete is porous. A concrete water tank must be sealed to prevent water from leaking out and contaminants from leaching in.

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Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration units are a major investment for your business. Gasses and by-products given off by spoiled contents will lead to rust and corrosion, eventually destroying the floors and walls. Maintenance,let alone replacement costs can be enormous. With health department oversight, the condition is of para-mount importance. Chemical and biological contamination can bring business to a screeching halt.

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