Fan Shrouds

Several fan shrouds were located in an open warehouse. The exposed sharp edges of the shrouds created a risk of injury to people in the ware-house. Because the shrouds were black and they blended into the background, accelerating the risk for accidental injury. OSHA considered the fan shrouds to be a workplace hazard.

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Restaurant Bar Tables

Restaurant surfaces take a lot of abuse from cleaning agents and hot items, both of which can significantly damage a surface. Replacement costs can be high and new items may be susceptible to similar deterioration. The bar tables at a local restaurant were originally topped with a wood laminate which was damaged and began pealing over time. The tables were a health concern for customers as routine cleaning was difficult.They were also a visible embarrassment to the restaurant owner.The restaurant owner wanted to avoid the expense of purchasing new equipment and needed a protective coating that was durable, attractive, heat and chemical resistant,and would not chip or peel.

Refrigerated Vans

Companies around the world rely on refrigerated vans to get their food goods transported from the manufacturing facility to their final destination. Most of these vans are stripped down utility vehicles with little to no insulation. In areas with hot climates, such as summers in Monterrey, Mexico, refrigeration units are frequently overworked and unable to keep the products inside at the desired temperature. These customers need some kind of insulation to help reduce the heat inside the vans.

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Governments are recognizing older pressure-treated wooden playgrounds as safety hazards for children. Slivers of pressure-treated wood can get under kids’ skin. These slivers contain toxic chemicals such as arsenic. In New York State, schools and municipalities are now mandated by the government to address pressure-treated wood structures: they must either be completely coated or replaced with steel or plastic structures. Replacing the structures with comparable new structures would be extremely costly. With LINE-X, the structure can be made safe, durable, long lasting, and will comply with state regulations, all for less money and in about a week. An even layer of LINE-X over the pressure treated wood keeps the wood from slivering and harming children.

Park Benches

As municipalities and other stewards of green spaces look to revitalize outside areas, one of the most common investments is park benches. New park benches are available in cast concrete, but they are costly and don’t maintain the same nostalgic feel as traditional metal and wood slat benches.The traditional wood and metal benches at a local park were old,ragged looking and the victims of repeated vandalism. The state park service needed a solution to refurbish the benches without having to spend a great deal of money to replace them. They looked to LINE-X®to renovate the existing benches, refreshing their look and extending their life.

Mining Tables

A vermiculite mining company was experiencing abrasion problems on their four shaker tables. The company needed to protect its 8' x 25' tables from abrasion and corrosion caused by the continuous exposure to rock and slurry. Previous attempts at protecting the plywood and pine surface included using a paint-like plastic product, but it did not adhere well to the substrate and failed. The company required the protective coating that woudl permanently adhere to the substrate, and protect against constant abrasion and impact.

Grooming Tables

A local dog groomer needed to find a protective skid-resistant solution for their grooming tables. Newer grooming tables are typically made of steel, a slippery surface for paws that increases the risk of injury from slips and falls, particularly in older animals. The grooming company tried using mats but found they wear out and are prone to shifting, bunching and can be difficult to clean. In addition to providing an anti-slip surface, the protective coating they used had to be non-toxic and washable for the health of the animals.

Full Body Truck ULTRA

Truck owners looking to prolong the life of their investment require a durable coating solution that can withstand the abuse of the extreme conditions pickups are exposed to. Additionally, overall aesthetics are very important as many owners desire rugged durability and an aesthetic exterior coating for daily driving.

Encapsulated Floatations

Unprotected foam flotation billets can negatively impact the environment and wildlife. Foam can be damaged by debris, sunlight and chemicals.Rodents and other creatures like to nest in foam, causing heavy further breakdown. The foam can also absorb water over time making docks heavier and less buoyant. Unencapsulated floats are now prohibited in many areas and clean-up efforts of water bodies has shown that a large percentage of the debris collected is often foam.

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