Recycle Bins

Recycle bins throughout U.S. National Parks take extreme abuse. They are continuously exposed to severe weather, sand storms, and UV damage. The interior of the bins are equally damaged by such items as garbage, aluminum cans, glass bottles, and food waste. These elements degrade the appearance and functionality of the bins. The abuse wears away the thin coat of paint used to protect the metal underneath creating an opportunity for rust and corrosion, while also turning an important asset to the park into an eyesore. Recycle bins usually require replacement in less than a year. The National Park Service needed a solution that would not only protect the recycle bins, but would also keep the bins aesthetically appealing to the public. In addition, they required the solution to be cost effective

Oil Pans

School buses, county and state service vehicles and public utility vehicles all have oil pans that are susceptible to serious damage during routine driving condition. Rocks android debris often ding or dent the pans. They can also scratch the thin paint exposing the bare steel under-neath to corrosion, rust and eventually leakage. The road debris can even puncture the oil tank, especially after repeated impacts. The risk is compounded when the vehicle travels on gravel or dirt roads or on rural routes.A fleet of school buses in the Mid-west was experiencing this problem and looked to LINE-X® for a strong,durable protective coating that would provide long-term impact resistance.

Luggage Carts

Often times the luggage cart is the first thing guests see and are used to unload, load and transport suitcases or personal belongings to and from their rooms. This frequent use can cause serious wear and tear, or permanent damage to the carts. In an effort to uphold the highest image of quality, hotels are left to either repair or replace damaged carts which can be cost prohibitive. Hotels around the world depend on their staff, facilities and equipment to provide the highest quality of customer experience. Applying LINE-X will increase the durability and ensure appealing aesthetics of these luggage carts for hotel guests.

Hopper Trailer

Hopper bottom trailers are used primarily to transport fertilizer and grain. The hoppers are exposed to rust damage from the salt used in northern climates, highly corrosive fertilizer dust, and road rash from travel on gravel roads.

Heavy Machinery

A heavy machinery manufacturer needed a solution for the damage caused inside the hydraulic equipment they manufactured when the equipment is put into use. The quick and inconsistent movement of the machine causes the ram to collide with the cylinder in certain spots, resulting in wear and damage to both pieces.The manufacturer was forced to handle increased warranty claims and repairs. They needed a solution that would both provide impact and abrasion resistance and provide a higher quality product for their customers.

Full Truck Wrap

Over time, wear from gravel roads, sun exposure, scratches and dents can cause a vehicle’s paint finish to deteriorate. This produces a dull, aged look, and can lead to rusting if left untreated.To prevent rust for good, a fully coated LINE-X truck creates an impenetrable barrier that will protect your truck from small scratches to serious abrasion

Expedition Vans

Expedition vans are rugged, purpose built vehicles meant for long distance off-road adventure trips. These off-road driving environments commonly cause rust, corrosion, paint scratches or rock chips, dents, and other general wear and tear of vehicles. Adventurers seek a solution to extend the life of their expedition vans and require a durable coating that can withstand the abuse of the extreme outdoor conditions.

Emergency Vehicles

Plywood and aluminum equipment lockers. Diamond plate deck plates.They take a beating. You need protection from rust, corrosion, abrasion, slip hazards. The maintenance and replacement costs along with liability issues can be a huge hit to your bottom line. Conventional solutions just don’t provide durability or longevity. They don’t give you a full spectrum of protection. It takes more.

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