Garbage Truck Cab Roof

Garbage sludge is particularly corrosive and can rapidly deteriorate any metal surface that is exposed to it.Front loading garbage trucks are particularly at risk for corrosive damage since the cab roof and splash guards common to these vehicles are only protected with a thin layer of paint. Repairing and repainting these surfaces causes unwanted downtime and added maintenance costs. Deep corrosion often means removing and replacing the entire cab roof.

Freightliner M2

Utility trucks are the workhorse for countless business's in an around San Diego. Protecting the body and compartments with LINE-X not only prevents corrosion and denting but with aggregate added we can ensure your employees don't slip or hurt themselves. Not only does this protect employees it protects from unnecessary insurance, liability and worker compensation claims.

Fire Trucks

Fire trucks have numerous compartment, spaces, and storage compartments which all require specialized protection. Fire trucks are constantly be subjected to high traffic of people and equipment being loaded or unloaded, which can cause parts to wear. Additionally, these fire trucks will be subjected to environments with a lot of water or other chemicals which leads slick surfaces, and component rusting and corrosion.

Emergency Vehicles

Plywood and aluminum equipment lockers. Diamond plate deck plates.They take a beating. You need protection from rust, corrosion, abrasion, slip hazards. The maintenance and replacement costs along with liability issues can be a huge hit to your bottom line. Conventional solutions just don’t provide durability or longevity. They don’t give you a full spectrum of protection. It takes more.

Dialysis Clinic

Dialysate is the main chemical used in dialysis and is very corrosive. Epoxy and vinyl floor coatings fail because any spilled or leaked dialysate penetrates the coating and attacks the underlying concrete floor.When the failure is ignored, moisture leaks down to lower floors and walls leading to more damage.

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