Vehicle Restoration- Undercarriage Light Industrial

An automotive enthusiast was restoring a vehicle and needed impact and abrasion protection on the undercarriage. The vehicle needed significant protection that would not chip or easily wear while also protecting from rocks and other road debris. It was imperative that the protection not interfere with the performance of the vehicle.The enthusiast also wanted to maintain the original “look” of the vehicle by color matching the protection to the exterior paint.

Park Benches

As municipalities and other stewards of green spaces look to revitalize outside areas, one of the most common investments is park benches. New park benches are available in cast concrete, but they are costly and don’t maintain the same nostalgic feel as traditional metal and wood slat benches.The traditional wood and metal benches at a local park were old,ragged looking and the victims of repeated vandalism. The state park service needed a solution to refurbish the benches without having to spend a great deal of money to replace them. They looked to LINE-X®to renovate the existing benches, refreshing their look and extending their life.

Outdoor Enclosures

Extreme weather can wreak havoc on valuable outdoor equipment. Rust and corrosion will inevitably damage metal exposed to harsh conditions. Steel enclosures like those found at the Tanajib compound, ARAMCO, Saudi Arabia, had pronounced rusting due to the presence of high humidity, salt and heat in the coastal area.This environment caused the existing paint to crack and peel with corrosion present in several spots. If left untreated, underlying rust or corrosion could result in immature failure of the equipment or enclosure.Notably, the rooftops of these enclosures showed a higher corrosion rate than the rest of the structure Moisture accumulating on the roof, combined with direct UV rays and presence of salt, accelerated the corrosion.The aim of this application is to control corrosion and prolong the equipment lifespan under harsh weather conditions present in the region.

Oil Pans

School buses, county and state service vehicles and public utility vehicles all have oil pans that are susceptible to serious damage during routine driving condition. Rocks android debris often ding or dent the pans. They can also scratch the thin paint exposing the bare steel under-neath to corrosion, rust and eventually leakage. The road debris can even puncture the oil tank, especially after repeated impacts. The risk is compounded when the vehicle travels on gravel or dirt roads or on rural routes.A fleet of school buses in the Mid-west was experiencing this problem and looked to LINE-X® for a strong,durable protective coating that would provide long-term impact resistance.

Mower Deck

Commercial and agricultural equipment is subject to harsh conditions and repeated exposure to the elements, including moisture and the decay of organic material. Mower decks are no exception. In a short period of time, valuable equipment can rapidly rust, corrode and deteriorate. Maintenance, repair and ultimately the replacement of expensive equipment is costly. It also takes the equipment out of service causing down time for the owners.The mower deck needed protection from rust and corrosion that would last season after season.

Modern Noahs Ark

This ‘modern day Noah’s Ark’ is powered by recycled batteries from pre-owned Electric Vehicles and has been created to help accommodate people during torrential storms and flooding. The structure is made of wood, which would potentially degrade in water, not to mention the potential damage from fast-moving debris in raging flood waters or sharp terrain unseen under the torrent. The client was looking for a lining that could protect the wood from water and mitigate the potential impact damage that can occur in flooded waters.

Micro Brewery Floor

A local micro-brewery approached LINE-X for a product to seal a new brewery floor. This customer was renovating a space in the restaurant to begin brewing beer in-house. During the brewing process, hundreds of gallons of water are regularly consumed for washing tanks, tools and hoses. This water combines with cleaning agents and other brewing products in a continuous washing and rinsing process. Before the renovation, the brewery tanks drained onto an unfinished concrete floor. Without protection, the concrete floor would quickly deteriorate requiring costly maintenance and upkeep.

HVAC Cooling Tower

HVAC cooling towers are common in all cites. They use the evaporation of fresh water on the cooling tubes to remove heat. Fans are typically installed to enhance the evaporation by providing a constant breeze. The water falling across the tubes that does not evaporate returns to a sump at the bottom of the cooling tower where it is pumped to the top again. Due to the fact the water is in constant motion and the entering air, the sump area tends to collect many contaminants which accelerates its corrosion and deterioration.

Hopper Trailer

Hopper bottom trailers are used primarily to transport fertilizer and grain. The hoppers are exposed to rust damage from the salt used in northern climates, highly corrosive fertilizer dust, and road rash from travel on gravel roads.

Hitch Receiver Plate

Hitch receiver plates typically re-quire grease or a Teflon®disc to minimize friction between the receiver and trailer. The problem arises when a greased receiver hooks on to a trailer with a Teflon®disc. The greased receiver causes a breakdown of the Teflon coated disc. Each time a trailer is switched,depending on what has been used,the receiver plate must be re-coated. This process is messy, expensive and takes time.

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