Vehicle Restoration- Undercarriage Light Industrial

An automotive enthusiast was restoring a vehicle and needed impact and abrasion protection on the undercarriage. The vehicle needed significant protection that would not chip or easily wear while also protecting from rocks and other road debris. It was imperative that the protection not interfere with the performance of the vehicle.The enthusiast also wanted to maintain the original “look” of the vehicle by color matching the protection to the exterior paint.

Tri-Axle Dump Truck

A road and bridge contractor required an application to protect the floors of their Tri-Axle dump trucks from extreme impact, abrasion and corrosion. These trucks were consistently exposed to extreme impact and abrasion from cement, rocks and gravel. The floors of the trucks were especially susceptible needing to be replaced every four to five years at a minimum cost of $3,000. Due to the fact the company owns at least 25 dump trucks, having to replace the floors was becoming increasingly costly. It was mandatory that the product used to protect the floors would be able to withstand the constant extreme abuse of the construction sites while living up to the client’s image requirements. They also needed the solution to be time efficient preventing extensive downtime.

Trash Compactor

Equipment that is used to move waste operates in a very demanding environment. As garbage breakdowns, chemicals are released and can combine with other materials to create caustic runoff. In addition to eroding metal parts on expensive equipment, this runoff can also damage rubber and even cause unhealthy situations for workers. Replacement is costly and time consuming.A city municipality was experiencing corrosion issues in the tray that contains the hydraulic compacting ram and hoses of their trash compactor.The corrosion was accelerated by the caustic runoff from the waste.The City needed a solution that would resist the runoff, protect the hydraulic equipment and increase the overall maintenance cycle of the equipment. They needed the solution in a time efficient manner preventing downtime of the equipment.

Swimming Blocks

Swimming starting blocks are not only necessary for competitive swimming but they are a valuable tool for any venue that provides the opportunity to show school pride.The University of Nebraska purchased stainless steel swimming blocks 30 years ago. Due to the constant contact with chlorinated water, the blocks were suffering from extreme corrosion even though they had been refinished. The corrosion was not only unsightly but was also damaging the blocks limiting the lifespan of the school investment. The cost of replacement on a school’s limited budget was unfeasible. LINE-X offered a quick solution that was cost-effective, provided long-lasting results and added the bonus of skid resistant safety features necessary in blocks. Furthermore,the solution presented the University with quality, vibrant starting blocks that screamed school spirit.

Park Benches

As municipalities and other stewards of green spaces look to revitalize outside areas, one of the most common investments is park benches. New park benches are available in cast concrete, but they are costly and don’t maintain the same nostalgic feel as traditional metal and wood slat benches.The traditional wood and metal benches at a local park were old,ragged looking and the victims of repeated vandalism. The state park service needed a solution to refurbish the benches without having to spend a great deal of money to replace them. They looked to LINE-X®to renovate the existing benches, refreshing their look and extending their life.

Oil Pans

School buses, county and state service vehicles and public utility vehicles all have oil pans that are susceptible to serious damage during routine driving condition. Rocks android debris often ding or dent the pans. They can also scratch the thin paint exposing the bare steel under-neath to corrosion, rust and eventually leakage. The road debris can even puncture the oil tank, especially after repeated impacts. The risk is compounded when the vehicle travels on gravel or dirt roads or on rural routes.A fleet of school buses in the Mid-west was experiencing this problem and looked to LINE-X® for a strong,durable protective coating that would provide long-term impact resistance.

Mower Deck

Commercial and agricultural equipment is subject to harsh conditions and repeated exposure to the elements, including moisture and the decay of organic material. Mower decks are no exception. In a short period of time, valuable equipment can rapidly rust, corrode and deteriorate. Maintenance, repair and ultimately the replacement of expensive equipment is costly. It also takes the equipment out of service causing down time for the owners.The mower deck needed protection from rust and corrosion that would last season after season.

Mixing Shafts

A retooling subcontractor needed substantial, lasting protection on four 5’ tall mixing shafts. In use, the shafts are connected to polyurethane mixers and immersed in a chemical separating tank where they agitate heterogeneous mixtures of chemicals to draw out pure chemicals.Originally the shafts had been coated with an epoxy, but the coating was quickly degraded by the chemicals and the shafts began to rust. The retooling sub-contractor then tried outsourcing the protection to a urethane coatings company, but this polyurethane material didn’t hold up over time. The shafts needed to be protected by a product that had high chemical resistance and wouldn’t flake or melt off into the chemical bath.

Heavy Machinery

A heavy machinery manufacturer needed a solution for the damage caused inside the hydraulic equipment they manufactured when the equipment is put into use. The quick and inconsistent movement of the machine causes the ram to collide with the cylinder in certain spots, resulting in wear and damage to both pieces.The manufacturer was forced to handle increased warranty claims and repairs. They needed a solution that would both provide impact and abrasion resistance and provide a higher quality product for their customers.

Heavy Equipment Trailer

A construction company was in need of a new heavy equipment trailer. The trailer they owned had been exposed over a long period of time to heavy wear and corrosion. Unfortunately, the company’s budget did not allow for new purchases. As an alternative to purchasing a new heavy equipment trailer, the company decided to refurbish their existing trailer.The upgrades needed for refurbishment included corrosion protection,abrasion resistance and aesthetic improvement. LINE-X®was chosen for its ability to meet the requirements in all categories.

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