Warehouse Tire Centers

The walls of an international chain of membership warehouse tire centers are being coated with LINE-X for aesthetics and protection. Tire and repair shops are notorious for showing significant wear on their walls from oil, rubber, and storing old tires.This staining detracts from the company image and requires heavy cleaning and maintenance. The centers initially used a cosmetic solution to create an attractive customer view. This process required constant upkeep. After the first couple tire centers were completed, the warehouse center discovered that applying LINE-X as a protective coating enhanced not only the look of the store, but also protected the interior walls from tool damage and required less maintenance.

Vault Toilets

Vault toilet systems in National Parks are severely abused by outdoor elements. The vault toilets in Joshua Tree National Park in California were particularly susceptible to damage caused by extreme temperatures, UV exposure and sand storms. They are also put to the test by the campers who set fires on the floors and defaced the walls and ceiling. The park/campground staff are responsible for keeping the facilities clean and aesthetically appealing for the public. Some of the vaults that have fire or other damage need to be repainted on a daily basis. This becomes very costly in materials and labor for the National Park service.The National Park service required a solution for the constant maintenance and cost issues surrounding the vault toilet systems.

SWAT Truck

Nearly all police departments in the United States have some form of S.W.A.T. vehicle. These vehicles are used to transport heavily-armed Special Weapons and Tactics teams or specialized equipment into difficult and challenging situations. These vehicles come in numerous designs and configurations depending on the needs of the department. In addition to the safety they provide, the appearance of the trucks is also a point of pride to the officers who use them. For one police department, their S.W.A.T. vehicle was taking particular external abuse. With officers in full gear riding on platforms against the outside of the truck, the standard paint was scrapping off and exposing the bare metal underneath. To prevent corrosion of the truck body, the department came to LINE-X.

Police Shields

Many law enforcement agencies provide armor shields to protect their officers on duty. The shields are made of almost an inch of dense KEVLAR fiber wrapped in a nylon fabric, and are very expensive to replace. Large shields can run up to $2,000 each. Normal use conditions cause the thin protective nylon fabric to fray and tear easily, exposing the KEVLAR underneath to moisture. Water causes KEVLAR to expand, and the shields deteriorate quickly. With such a high price tag, law enforcement needs a way to extend the service life of its protective equipment.

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Jeep Full Body

Deserts, snowy mountains, steep rock faces, sand dunes; you name it and most Jeep owners can conquer it. However, these off-road driving environments commonly cause serious vehicle damage including; rust, corrosion, paint scratches or rock chips, dents and general wear and tear of expensive vehicles. Additionally, Jeep owners commonly spend a significant amount of money to up-fit and accessories their Jeeps to conquer even the most extreme trails and terrains. They seek a solution that adds durability, customized vehicle personality, and can withstand the abuse of outdoor conditions and help extend the life of their Jeeps and its accessories.

Golf Course Bridge

Golf courses and other outdoor recreation areas have an ongoing challenge of providing attractive and safe areas for patrons. Wooden bridges are commonly used to give people easy access over streams and gullies. However, wooden bridges can become slippery due to rain, dew and moss. If not treated properly, these bridges can deteriorate over time marring the pristine landscape that the golf course takes pride in preserving.

Garbage Truck Cab Roof

Garbage sludge is particularly corrosive and can rapidly deteriorate any metal surface that is exposed to it.Front loading garbage trucks are particularly at risk for corrosive damage since the cab roof and splash guards common to these vehicles are only protected with a thin layer of paint. Repairing and repainting these surfaces causes unwanted downtime and added maintenance costs. Deep corrosion often means removing and replacing the entire cab roof.

Full Truck Wrap

Over time, wear from gravel roads, sun exposure, scratches and dents can cause a vehicle’s paint finish to deteriorate. This produces a dull, aged look, and can lead to rusting if left untreated.To prevent rust for good, a fully coated LINE-X truck creates an impenetrable barrier that will protect your truck from small scratches to serious abrasion

Delivery Truck Bumpers

Bumpers on the delivery trucks of an Iowa based beer distributor were being corroded during normal driving conditions. Rocks and debris easily chipped the thin paint exposing the steel underneath. Salt, tar and other harsh road chemicals were then able to corrode the metal bumper, compromising its integrity and appearance. This situation forced the beer distributor to repaint the bumpers every year.

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