Tri-Axle Dump Truck

A road and bridge contractor required an application to protect the floors of their Tri-Axle dump trucks from extreme impact, abrasion and corrosion. These trucks were consistently exposed to extreme impact and abrasion from cement, rocks and gravel. The floors of the trucks were especially susceptible needing to be replaced every four to five years at a minimum cost of $3,000. Due to the fact the company owns at least 25 dump trucks, having to replace the floors was becoming increasingly costly. It was mandatory that the product used to protect the floors would be able to withstand the constant extreme abuse of the construction sites while living up to the client’s image requirements. They also needed the solution to be time efficient preventing extensive downtime.

Dump Truck

A service company used a fleet of dump trucks but found that the materials being hauled in the trucks caused serious damage to the truck beds. The materials eroded the paint and exposed the bare metal underneath to the risk of rust. The contents of the loads also dented the floors, making it increasingly difficult to get the material to slide out completely. This resulted in increased maintenance cycles and upkeep costs.

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