Our Team

Patrick – Owner

Originally from New York, Patrick has lived up and down the East Coast.  He attended college at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.  Following graduation he received his commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Army where he served until he retired in 2013.  His career enabled him to travel to 42 countries including five deployments.  As a combat veteran Patrick has honed his leadership and project management skills; although not trained specifically in business management, Patrick excels at customer service, attention to detail, and ensuring that the team gives 110% to every job the shop is contracted to complete.  Patrick will always offer discounts to any customer that put’s their life on the line for others including military, police, and firemen.

Scott – Manager

Scott is the backbone of the shop, he has been with the shop almost as long as it’s been open.  Scott is a San Diego native who seemingly knows someone at every custom car and truck shop in town.  His connections come from years of racing BMX when he was younger and cars as he grew older.  Scott is one of the best sprayers in the country who is often requested by name.  He has even had a previous customer bring a truck from Montana for him to spray it.  Scott is one of the most professional people Patrick has had the privileged to work with.

Ben – Shop Foremen

Born and raised in San Diego, Ben is the resident go-to guy to get things done. He draws from his work experience in construction, engineering and fabrication, there is nothing Ben can’t do.  As the Shop-Foremen, Ben is responsibility for managing everything in the back shop.  When he’s not working he spends time with his family, fishing or honing his archery skills.  Ben excels at doing whatever it takes to ensure the job is completed to the highest of standards, Patrick often comments on Ben’s work-ethic and how he wished all of his Soldiers could have been as professional and hard-working as Ben!

Vince – Shop Grunt

Vince is the most recent addition to the LINE-X of El Cajon team.  Vince is a San Diego native where he attended school at Grossmont High School.  He initially started working with us part-time, when he demonstrated in short order he was not afraid to take on the tough dirty jobs.  The team was so impressed we brought him on full-time and never looked back.  When not at work Vince likes working on his truck and fishing.  Vince has aspirations to join the military which Patrick is encouraging him to do.