The marine environment is harsh on metal, wood, plastics and fiberglass.  As a result we often have customers looking for a long lasting durable solution to protect these finishes.  LINE-X of El Cajon can work with you to color match factory finishes and apply the LINE-X in a manner which compliments the lines of the components being sprayed.  With years of experience working  with personnel in the marine industry we are confident that we can develop a solution for nearly any marine project.

Not only are we able to color match and create clean lines for applying LINE-X but we can even add extra texture to create a slip proof surface to prevent personnel on-board from slipping.  Unlike traditional grip-tape heavy textured LINE-X provide traction for shoes and boots to grab onto.

Step #1 – Choose your product.

Standard’s technical name is XS-100.  XS-100 is a user-friendly polyurethane and polyurea formulation that has earned industry respect for its durable, long-lasting, high-performance qualities protecting marine applications across the globe. Perfect for protecting your most valuable assets from abrasion, corrosion and impact, XS-100 was designed with the highest chemical equilibrium in its polymerization network – softness vs. hardness, toughness vs. longevity, and durability vs. impact.  We recommend this product for the majority of our projects. It’s a great balance between cost and functionality.

Pro’s technical name is XS-330.  XS-330 is a user-friendly pure polyurea technology that combines strength and flexibility to create a product with superior toughness making it the next generation of protective coatings.  Pro is 300% “tougher” than the standard industry protective coating and is available in fade resistant black or color matching.  We recommend this product for extreme environments when durability is paramount.


Step #2 – Choose your options.

Any black part which sits in the sun is susceptible to the dulling effects Ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun.  Whether it’s tires, trip, plastic caps, or a bedliner, it can dull out over time.  LINE-X created Premium which is a topcoat applied over either Standard or Pro.  It couples the abrasion and impact protection you already trust with the UV protection a marine applications needs to stay new-looking forever.  Think of it as sunblock for your boat!

If you would prefer to do something non-traditional and add a truly custom look to your marine project, a color application may be for you.  The LINE-X name for color is XTRA, this process allows us to create any color in the rainbow.  We can even color match your current paint-job creating the illusion that you don’t have a protective coating nstalled.  All color jobs will include an Ultraviolet (UV) Stable Topcoat which helps to protect the colors from fading.

Adding additional traction to your deck, rails. engine cover or boat trailer fenders can help prevent accidents.  Although the LINE-X texture has small bumps to help grip the soles of your feet, shoes, or boots; we can add an aggressive texture which is not recommended for bare feet but has exceptional characteristics to prevent slipping.  It’s far more durable than traditional grip tapes and lasts forever.


Step #3 – Contact Us for pricing and appointment.

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